How many players can play a kahoot?

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  • I am an Administrator not a manager at my corporation. I was told KAHOOTS! Offered both free and paid games. I did a google search just to make sure, and indeed, they did offer a free service. I could ignore the flashing fees prompting me to pay $26 to $104 for a subscription. This was only for people who wanted the extra special features, which I could not afford. Looking back I should have checked what those specific features were. I created an account to create a free trivia game for a fun thing to do for a small group to play remotely at my office holiday lunch. It took me a lot of time and effort creating twenty five of my own trivia questions and personalizing each q&a with its own GIF and theme. Despite waking up early everyday for a week to get as much done before starting my busy day, I had fun watching my little creation progress. However, by the third day when I was almost finished my project, the website suddenly changed it's prompts indìcating i could only have 10 players with the free version. By the last day, when i finally finished, the free version dropped to only 3 players and now i was unable to send the link via email for my boss to review, nor could i email it to myself! The game ended up being washed and we all played human bingo instead. It was a success and had a great time, but what a waste.  Very disappointed. Had i seen this 10 or 3 player limit at the beginning, i would have used another team building app with no hidden agenda.


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