If disconnected from a game, can I rejoin with my prior score?


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    Hi, do you have any advice on how to prevent my students to get disconnected in a live game?
    Just to describe my experience I’m diluting the Kahoot questions during the lesson and what I’m noticing is that, when there is a time longer than 30’ between 2 questions SOME of the users get disconnected EVEN if they kept the app open (may be not always in the front of the phone both as we also video-share some material through the same phone but also as they may need to send me some material by email)
    I’m not experiencing what described in the article below that it’s “easy and always happening” that people disconnected just staying in that page will be reconnected...
    What do you suggest?

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    My student was disconnected while playing a challenge on her phone.  She wants to get back in the game, but when she puts in the code, the message appears that she is already in the game.  However, she can't get back in.  I've tried to see where I could possibly delete her on my end, so she could just start over, but I don't see anywhere.  The game is still "in progress."



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