Can I add equations to my kahoot?

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    There is no toolbar in the updated version. How do we access the toolbar?


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    Same as others have said: There's no toolbar in the new version of Kahoot.

    To have to create the text I want in PowerPoint, save it as an image and then upload it is a ridiculous waste of time. As a secondary math teacher, I would have to do this for almost every question and answer choice.

    I used to love Kahoot, but have been very frustrated with the new version. It is not as easy to use and has lost functionality on the teacher end. Please make the "update" as user friendly as the old version!

    There are too many other options for engaging online games for me to spend my time creating questions in a frustrating format. Please fix this!

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    Same.  As a chemistry teacher, to do superscripts and subscripts is obviously a huge part of my Kahoots for formulas and whatnot...and now all of a sudden they are gone? 

    Looking at my old Kahoots, the superscripts and subscripts are still there, BUT if I try to edit the question that has them, they will reformat to being regular numbers and I can't get them back.  So, this is not good.  I am ashamed to be Kahoot Certified.  

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    As a math teacher, to lose the ability to do superscript and subscript and to do math symbols makes the use of Kahoot obsolete for me now.  I can't use it if I can't do those things anymore.  Any teacher that uses math in their subjects are going to be not using Kahoot any longer.  Too bad.  My students liked it.  They'll be disappointed.  

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    The most recent update is not as good as before. I lose superscript and I have to access the menu to set time limit for each question.

    As a finance teacher, I use superscript/subscript all the time. I used to write my questions in word and copy and paste to my kahoot quizzes. But the most recent update changes my superscripts back to normal size numbers and there is no toolbar for me to change the format of the numbers. Please fix this. 

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    I agree with the above statements. My students just turned me onto Kahoot recently. I made a quiz last week just fine and told them I'd be making another one tonight. But without the use of exponents, now I can't. I will not be using Kahoot anymore until this functionality returns. Please fix this problem immediately!

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    Getting so fed up with everything having to be improved all the time -- especially when improvements make things worse.  Not everything needs to be changed in the name of progress.  Getting rid of the toolbar.... who's brainstorm was that?  They should be fired.  Please see to that right away.  Oh yeah and GET THE DAMN TOOLBAR BACK UP! 

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    Please restore the toolbar!  I can't use Kahoot without subscripts, superscripts, and math symbols!  The new format is VERY frustrating to use and makes it much more difficult to write quizzes.  

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    Hi all!

    I'm very sorry. This is a known issue that we're working to fix ASAP. It should still be there. It wasn't removed (intentionally).

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    The toolbar is still not appearing. Any thoughts on when this particular issue will be addressed?

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    I am a Spanish teacher and will not be able to use Kahoot any longer.  It would be impossible to create anything without the toolbar option. Hopefully, this is just a glitch and not a permanent update. Please reconsider fixing this issue and making the toolbar available. 

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    Math teacher here with a paid subscription (personal funds, not covered by school). I can't use Kahoot if the math symbols aren't available. Please fix or refund. Thank you.

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    Another Math teacher here. The symbol bar is still not appearing in the pop-up answer box and is frustrating. This is NO EXCUSE, but I have found a work around.

    If you need to use a symbol you had from before, you can still copy them into the answers from the title or from another kahoot. If you cannot see the editing bar, I personally sometimes have to scroll up on the question to make sure the space above the title is visible. If it is not there, you can go to an older kahoot that has the  symbol.

    For windows:

    • Type desired symbol into title OR go to other question with symbol
    • Highlight -> ctrl + c      on symbol
    • Open answer box
    • ctrl + v in answer box
    • Edit answer around symbol

    You can do the same for subscript and superscript. EXCEPT, when you want to change the letters/numbers, you must type the new characters first. If you delete first, then type, it will revert to normal text

    For windows:

    • Type desired characters into title (using editor) OR go to other question with characters
    • Highlight -> ctrl + c      on text with subscript/superscript
    • Open answer box
    • ctrl + v in answer box
    • Type new characters into subscript/superscript
    • Delete unwanted characters
    • Edit answer around characters

    I'd like to reiterate, This is no excuse not to fix this feature. However, until then, if you would still like to use the platform, that is the best work around I can think of for now.

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    I use to be able to use the Spanish keyboard for my answers as well as questions. Now I can only use it for Questions. What has changed and why? I really don't like having to send out material or create Kahoots that my students will see and wonder why they are not accurate. Another feature is the ability to download a video. I like this but now the answers appear in the middle of the video. Is this keeping me from using the Spanish keyboard? Would love to get  some feedback. Thanks for helping.

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    As far as I can see, the Toolbar is back. Still it is highly uncofortable to work with (even the ms word formula editor is more user friendly) and most formulars look unprofessional.

    I would like to suggest implementing the LaTeX math editor. If Geogebra can do it, you propably can too :). Until the implementation of complex formula gets easier then making a picture of a pdf first created with TeX, I won't use kahoot, even though I like the basic idea a lot.

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    I don't know where you're seeing the Toolbar, but I've tried Chrome, Firefox and Edge and it's not on any of those platforms. Just wasted a bunch of time I couldn't afford to waste.

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    There's no tool bar for the answer choices.

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