Why aren't questions/answers shown on student screens?




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    I thought this was going to be the perfect tool for my virtual classes. We meet every other week in the classroom and every other week via conference calls. It is vital for us to review the weekly information virtually but the students cannot see the answers. It was a real fail tonight when this occurred on our conference call. I thought Kahoot was our answer. Sorely disappointed. PLEASE add a virtual function to enable everyone to see the answers. Additionally, I first used Kahoot in an adult training at a major airline. I am partially blind which made it extremely difficult to play looking up at the screen and then down at mine. Once again, it would be so beneficial to have the option to see the answers on one's own screen.  I am going to have to find another app like this to use. 

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    I copy what K9_Annergy wrote: PLEASE add a virtual function to enable everyone to see the answers.

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    I would also like the option to turn on this feature - it could be in the user settings per account or per quiz - show the questions to the user devices as a checkbox. 

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    I agree that this would be a super helpful feature! I have a students with a visual impairement and I have to read the answers to him each time we play. It slows him down and he doesn't want to play anymore because he cannot answer as fast as his peers. 

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    This would also be useful to my particular use case. 

    Ideally as an option that could be switched on/off per quiz.

    And even just being able to see the answer options, not just the colours. 


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    Its a lot better to have the option! I don't have access to a shared screen in my class. I would have liked for them to see all their questions and answers on their own device. Please add this feature as an option.

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    I understand why Kahoot did this, but it seems that it would be better to leave that choice up to classroom teachers. The current setup is very difficult for kids with visual impairments to use and an option to display questions and answers on the screen should be available for teachers to decide whether or not to use.

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    It would be really helpful if this feature is an option, cause it could help the students to concentrate only on their screen and it also could cheer up for students who sit far from the main screen in front of the room to enjoy playing each game.

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    In my classroom, students have individual chrome books, but there is no smart board or projector for me as a teacher to project questions and answers. I think my students would love engaging with Kahoots, but unfortunately the current set up doesn't allow us to utilize the technology in my current classroom. :( 

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    Out team now meats virtually so this is become a problem for us. 

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    I’d love to have the option for students to see the question and answer options on their devices. Otherwise, we have to move students around the classroom for them to be able to see all the answer options on the main screen.

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    When you`re teaching a class of over 20 students, it can be quite hard to see the answers from one place as they are rather small. I hope that Kahoot will let us decide to have answers on the student`s own tablets in the future.

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    We are using Kahoot virtually (three class rooms across globe) and right now Students have to move closer to screen. It is not good experience. Please reconsider above decision. We are thinking to move to Quizziz for that reason.

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    I will put this very plain and simple: either this option becomes available or I move on to the next application! 

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    This design should work OK for my current class, but if my class was even slightly larger it would become a problem. It can be difficult to see the answers on the screen from the back row of the classroom.

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    I am a member of the Dayton Engineers Club. One of the Club activities is the "Barn Gang" which is a group of senior mostly retired engineers who meet weekly to discuss current technical events. See links below for more information on the Barn Gang



    I introduced Kahoot several weeks ago and they were very enthusiastic about the application; however, due to failing eyesight many could not see the large central screen and could not fully participate. I received several comments about their frustration with a request to resolve.

    It was suggested that displaying the question along with possible answers would address the concern.


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    This functionality is a must for me as well. Unfortunately not everyone participating would have access to a TV.

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    Guys it's a must!!!!

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    Please add this functionnality !!! (if i will quit your service one day, it's because other service will purpose me this functionnality)

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    Please add this function!!!!!

    anybody know of a different app to use in the mean time?


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