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    I have not used Kahoot for 6 months. Came back to find a Kahoot and I don't see how.

    What have you done with the easy to use, beloved Kahoot!
    Whatever you've done, is NOT an improvement!


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    plae mt kahoot "leetrs fo the alfabit" it vewy goed

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    Let us find a USER by typing its name. Cant find my teachers Kahoot!!!!

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    There is no magnifier at the top! This is horrible! I want to find the Kahoot that was made by my teacher only! I don't want to scroll through a bunch of crap I don't need! I am in nursing school, I am already stressed and this just added more stress. This crap sucks for students. What genius thought this set up was a good idea! THINK!!

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    Where can we find pin numbers of Kahoots that are active? There should be a way to find public kahoots that can be joined at any time.

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    Doesn't help at all  -  not possible to search by author/creator.

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    Hi all!

    For security/privacy, you can't search by someone's actual name. But using the magnifying glass on the Discover page, you can search by username. "Username" is an alias that a teacher/author/creator chooses when they create their Kahoot! account.


    Happy Kahoot!'ing!

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    i cant find any damn usernames

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    only i can see Questions & Anwers - 2nd or another player Not seen Question / Anwers on there mobile  - only opions see-- can you pls help 

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