How to cancel a web subscription


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    Buyer beware. If you purchase through a school account they will continue to charge you even though you do not have access any longer, when you leave that school.

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    PAZ44_4600 I only signed up because it said I could cancel at anytime and you would not charge my account for one year only one month. I signed up for a, paid monthly, account over one year. I tried to cancel and the online statement said the account would end in 2018. I used the account for less than 30 hours. The Kahoot page didn't save my updated edits so my game at university had copy paste edit mistakes. It also didn't save my 10 and 30 second timings for the true false questions. I want to cancel my subscription. I'll pay for the month but i don't want to pay for a year. Sept 19, 2023 11:58 Pacific Time.


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