How do I cancel my web subscription?

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    I'm literally a kid. I don't have a credit card. I just accidentally clicked business or something instead of personal and now it won't let me go back and change it without entering a credit card that I don't have!

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    Did not receive any response my emails. Please respond as soon as possible!
    I have requested for a refund of 240$ that was charged to my account. Post the free-trial, I do not intend to use the kahoot portal at all. Especially this has been charged for the whole year! 
    At least kindly charge for a month and refund the remaining amount. There is no phone number we can reach as well. 
    Please consider the pandemic situation we are in, and kindly refund the 240$ amount, I have already cancelled the subscription from the portal as well. 
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    It's impossible to get in touch with you guys?  WHY?  I am a corporate client. Could someone please contact me? urgently!

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    A 5 day trial and no option to pay a reasonable monthly subscription. Premium subscription clearly advertised as free whilst schools are closed. A disgrace. Although it's only £108 I will contact my bank if I am not refunded and I will ensure that 100's of teaching colleagues are aware of this con. Unbelievable way of expoliting hard working low paid teachers.

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    There is no option to DELETE credit card details after (free trial) subscription is cancelled?!

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    Hello, I would like to cancel my subscription, but there is no cancel option in  my account, also i don't have any idea when will my subscription will end.  Please do something about this, thank you.

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    I would like to cancel my subscription, i hope you can do something about this.

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