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    I have a 25 iPads for 62 students to share.  I would love a way for all students to be able to play challenge at school.  My first class gets to answer the challenge first.  Then my second class doesn't get much benefit because they only get to answer whatever questions the first class missed.  Is there a way to assign the challenge so all students could play?

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    How to change challenge deadline and date?

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    How can the kids play the challenge over and over?

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    How can I increase the number of players?

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    Where are the answers on all questions in section How can we improve this article or the features described? 

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    I assigned a challenge to my students and when they follow the link, it is saying that they have to download the app. However, everything on the website says they can play a challenge on the PC. Please advise what I need to do to get my students to play the challenge at home on a PC. 

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    When you assign the challenge don't turn on personalized learning.

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    How do I go about deleting a challenge or removing it?  

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    Is there a way to limit the students to playing a challenge only one time? I have some students replaying and memorizing answers just to get the top score.

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    I see one question asking if it would be possible for students to play the challenge over and over, and another question asking if it's possible to limit students to playing only one time. '

    I can't find a way for students to play more than once without changing their nicknames. If they use their own name, it only lets them play once? Am I right? I would like to find a way that they could practice to improve their score or time. Any help?

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    How can students see their score after playing a kahoot challenge that I assign?

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    Are you Kidding me Kahoot! Your CHALLENGE App that my students were starting to love CANNOT be used on their regular Mac or PC Laptop?! How stupid are you guys?!

    This was your hottest Distance Learning line extension ("Kahoot Challenge") and you idiots locked it?!

    OMG...I guess I'm canceling my subscription in protest! As a Teacher who is trying to give my students a SIMPLE-FUN-EASY To Play Summative activity...Now Ive got 100+ students whining about NOT BEING ABLE TO GET INTO THE CHALLENGE!

    As Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman: "Big Mistake...Big...Huge!"

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    SraLash ask a wonderful can we improve?  You have a month's worth of responses, many with the same suggestions/questions.  Please respond.  I would like to have the option to set a challenge as a one play only game (when it is summative) OR a practice until you ROCK it game (when it is formative).  I have students who are asking to play more...and they can't .  Counter-intuitive.  I responded to them with what another person posted here...change your nickname. This creates a bit of a mess for the teacher!  I'd like to see the progress of each user, not have to piece together which nicknames might belong to the same user. 

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    LynnGibson  (above) asked about playing more than once without changing nicknames. I have had students play subsequent times and just put a number 2 after their name like gibson2 for the second time or gibson3 for the third time playing, etc. and that seemed to work.  

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    I'd like two of my colleagues to compete against each other at the same time (vs individually on their own time) without me hosting a live session. Is that possible?

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