Can assignments be played on the computer?

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    Please make challenges able to played on computers!! Many of my students rely on going to the library to complete digital work from school.

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    I would second a request to make challenges available on the computer. My school just went one-to-one with Chromebooks, so I know all students have certain technological possibilities, but I also know not all of my students have smartphones. Thank you for the work you do!

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    When will challenges be available to play on laptops/pc's?
    Students and schools who don't have access to smart phones or ipads are really being put at a disadvantage. 

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    This is probably the single biggest flaw in Kahoot. Its great in class but useless to set as homework unless you assume all students have access to the app which isn't always possible to therefore not an effective tool for setting homework. 

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    I would suggest to make this available on the computer. I, as a trainer, would love to do post-training remote tests via Kahoot! challenge.

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    We would also appreciate the challenge mode being available to be played on a computer. As a trainer this hinders the experience for those new employees that are not comfortable working on their phones plus not everyone wishes to/or is able to download the app on their phone in order to complete the assigned challenge.

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    A lot of the teachers at my school would love if the HW challenges assigned via Google Classroom could be played on the computer.  We are an alternative HS, with over 60% of our students qualifying for free and reduced lunch.  This year, our district has made all of our HS 1:1 (yay!), so our students now have computers to bring home (with MiFi device provided as needed) - We WOULD LOVE if our students can use these devices more and many teachers would like to be able to assign challenges.

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    Going to echo all the others - this function would be much more usable if it could be played without the app!

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    Echoing the others' comments. I have some students whose parents restrict apps on their phones.  Since the first comment was made 6 months ago and subsequent comments have agreed, I wonder why nothing has been done. I would have to move to Quizzizz to be able to have students complete this on their computers, the only problem - no videos can be used in the platform (Quizzizz).  I teach American Sign Language. 

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    Adding to this thread as it’s a real struggle when setting these fab homework challenges. A handful of our students go to homework club to use pc’s and are frustrated as they are still unable to take part.

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    A lot of these people have requested laptops for the challenges - please PLEASE make the challenges available on a laptop/PC --- many of my students can't afford a smart device and need to be able to review on a school device (laptop). This needs to be accessible to ALL students.

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    PLEASE make these challenges accessible via computers! Not all students have a phone and cannot even use it otherwise in class or at home. It is not fair. 

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    I completely agree with those above. It cannot be THAT hard to make these challenges available by computer. I am regretting purchasing the premium Kahoot, only to learn that my students have to use phones to play the games outside of class!

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    I and my fellow HS Science teacher were very interested in purchasing Premium accounts, but with the Homework Challenges limited to smart phones, we probably won't take that leap just yet.  We are a 1:1 Chromebook school, but in a rural area where not everyone has a smart phone, making the homework challenges unusable for us.  Quizizz has homework games/challenges that CAN be done on computers/Chromebooks...I'd love to use Kahoot the same way!

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    Same song. . . different verse.  Is there a reason you can share that this has not been done?  Please allow chromebook use for the challenges.

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    I can only agree with those above - please make kahoot! available on PCs or laptops, so that the challenges can be played on a browser.

    Or is there a technical reason why you haven't introduced that feature yet?

    Kind regards,

    A. Barh

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    I'm an echo, lots of IT and Computing quizzes but can't complete on computers at school, I find this really odd and what a waste, the enjoyment my classes could have but mobile phones are not allowed in class!

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    I can and do identify with the comments and challenges faced because Kahoot Challenge cannot be completed on laptops nor computers.  This severely limits the usefulness of Kahoot.  The ability to assign Challenges as homework practice or independent quizzes would greatly enhance the usefulness of this product.  It would be disappointing to switch to Quizziz because of this problem.

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    It would be a wonderful service to teachers and students if the kahoot challenges were accessible via Chromebooks.  Please make this possible ASAP!  Thank you

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    Your provided descriptions do not seem to explicitly mention that Challenges are not available through a web browser. This should be clearly stated on the first page of "What is a Challenge".

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    If you are reading this in April 2020 or after, and you are stressed out because you cannot make challenges work on computers, only on the app, then you need to read this.


    You can create quizzes and assign them as challenges, but you must not select "personalized learning" at the bottom, otherwise a purple banner shows up and says that you must use the app. If you don't select it, students can play on chromebooks or web browsers.

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    Thank you Urqhart! That was good feedback! It works!

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    That's great!  But it would still be better if challenges didn't require the app. This pushes me towards Quizzez every time.


    Now, how do I stop a challenge once it is started?  I now have 2 of the same one going because I cannot figure out the "delete" or "stop" button!

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    I have personalized learning OFF and my kids still can't do the challenge.  Tells them they need the app.

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    My students can't play a challenge, is requesting to download the app.

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    Why can't be played from a computer? I could once, but no anymore. Am I doing anything wrong?

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    Why can some challenges be played on a computer, but some say they require the app? I only used multiple choice questions in all of them. My students can only play on the ones that allow a computer to be used.

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    Yes, I agree with all the comments about Kahoot challenge not being able to be played on a computer. I've made up several kahoots for homework, but I get lots of emails from students/parents saying they can't enter when using their computer. Now, for homework challenges, I set them up in Quizizz. I'm sorry Kahoot but it's frustrating to spend time making kahoots only for my students not to able to play them. 

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    I have just worked out that when you assign a challenge, the Personalized Learning needs to be set to OFF for it to work on a desktop. I have just tried and it works!

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