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    Thisn just Works in accounts based on the US?

    I can´t see the kahoot! app on Microsoft Teams.

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    If I assign marks in an assignment does the nresult of the Kahoot end up back in the marks book?

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    When I add the Kahoot tab it just shows up empty on the TEAMS platform.  How do I correct this?  

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    This is a great start. Especially being able to assign Kahoot quizzes in the feed, so thank you for putting it together!

    There's a major issue with presenting though, nothing is gained by sharing the Teams window in a video meeting over sharing a separate browser window but you lose the ability to fully monitor the video and chat feeds in the meeting while you're presenting.

    Ideally, Kahoot needs to become an individual option on the share section, just like PowerPoint and Whiteboard. Then a presenter can view and control the Kahoot and also monitor the video and chat feeds at the same time. 

    Still, thanks for implementing this as much as you have so far!

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    I still can't find the Kahoot app in Teams.

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    i also can't find the feature in Teams... Is it only for the US?

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    Why couldn't the Teams identity be linked to the Kahoot player name & report if it's assigned within Teams? That would make it so much easier for teachers to track student performance. The challenge option is a great new feature but the potential for students not using their real names adds unnecessary complication. It would be amazing if the assignment feature actually linked to Assignments/Grades within Teams to allow real tracking of student performance on the quizzes over time. 

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    I can't find it here in the UK, Is there an ETA on it's release here?


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    I don’t have the options to present/assign shown here - just Play. Why is this?

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