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    Hi JCHeath!


    Appreciate you posting about this. There are actually two ways you can do this.


    OPTION 1

    Plan out a list of unique terms or codes you can use to identify content in meaningful ways. Then add those terms to the descriptions of relevant kahoots, beginning with a hashtag. For example, a kahoot covering first-grade math might include #1stgrade and #math in its description. Now you can search these terms in the search bar on your My Kahoots page.


    OPTION 2

    You might want to check with your school or district about setting up a "Kahoot! for schools" plan. They can then invite you to the team they create and you'll be able to sort your kahoots into team folders.


    Hope that helps!

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    I would like to see folders without using the Kahoot for schools, is there any way that can happen?

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    Hi sygriffiths!


    Folders are an advanced feature unlocked when Kahoot! subscribers join or create a new team space.

    Without a subscription, you can still use tags and the search bar on your My Kahoots page to quickly filter/find kahoots.

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    So, basically, there are no folders for regular users? At all? This feature exists in every other learning tool, except kahoot. And now, though it exists, we cannot access it. Well done, Kahoot. I am completely over this program.

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