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    Hi all,

    Over the last several months, we've made big gains in preventing the usage of bots. This is an ongoing issue that we are continuing to tackle. Our sincere apologies to those that have experienced this.

    If you believe someone used a bot to flood a game you hosted, please email our support team the following:

    • your username
    • the title of the kahoot you hosted
    • when you started hosting it (date/time and timezone)
    • the assigned game PIN

    Our support team will share that info with our developers who are constantly investigating bot services and how to disable them. Unfortunately, bots are a tricky thing to prevent. There are no immediate fixes to blocking bot services before they're used. But we are regularly implementing fixes to disable the ones we learn about.

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    I am having the same problem. Students are going to a bot and putting in the code. I'm probably going to stop doing Kahoots if this problem isn't addressed.

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    It turns out to be very easy to crash a Kahoot with bots.  Sadly, I too will be unable to continue using this great tool if there turns out to be no way of protecting it against the bot scourge.

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    I think you will find that it is a lot more common than you are aware.  Every time I try to play a Kahoot with my seventh grade class it happens and makes it impossible to continue play.  It makes any data that is generated useless.  The suggestion to use the name generator is not helpful as we then have no way of knowing which student is which.  I will try the two step join game option.  I wish it were possible to create a class as you can with Gimkit and the students then have only the option to choose from the names you have entered and no one outside the class can join.

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    I am searching for a way to block the BOTS that invade my classes' Kahoot games.  Three times today I had to stop the game and log out.  At 1:50 today, 174 bots joined our class game.  I need help to stop this from happening again. 


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    I can confirm that this has just appeared as a problem for us here at Goldsmiths. We will try the two step verification. We hope we don't have to lose kahoot to this.

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    We had 200+ bots.  Tried two-factor log-in next class..  Kids had no problem and no bots appeared.  Try it!


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    We are still working on this issue.

    Aside from the technical things we're trying to do to prevent bots, we also need to think about what can be done to prevent students from wanting to use these services. Something we've been made aware of is that students tend to use bot services if they feel that gameplay is too challenging. There are many potential factors that could cause that sentiment. But one thing that almost certainly decreases that challenge is when they're paired together with peers.

    Have students pair up in groups of 3-6 and huddle around a single device. They will enter a PIN, team name, and their own nicknames. Then they can take turns holding the device and answering questions, discussing answer options with teammates if they're unsure.

    I see many of you have tried 2-step and name generator without success. If possible, please give team mode a try.

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    Bots are ruining my Kahoot play.  I used the 2 step log in and it still was filled with bots.  My suspected "botter" said part of the problem was that the game pin was displayed throughout.  I cannot select to turn that off when I use the 2 step log in.


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    I had a problem too there was a nickname with a flashing ghost next to it

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    I am saddened that you haven't fixed the problem. I want a class game, not a world game. I just spent hard-earned funds for nothing valuable. Sorry, but I want meaningful usable data. I watched my students-all phones on desks-and started the game. Within one second, we had 40 users. NONE were mine. Useless.

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    I encountered bots today - are the students in my lesson doing this or is it something external? So sad, this ruined an end of term activity for me. Can my school IT do anything to stop it?


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    You can even buy a bot in the chrome store :( unless Kahoot do something about this, schools will not be able to use it.



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    To Miss_B13:

    Can you provide a link to that?

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    I've been using Kahoot for 4 years now and this is only the 2nd time it's happened but it is frustrating.  The first time it happened we had over 600+ players.  We're a class of 30.  It happened again today with an additional 200 players.  At times it will overload the game and crash everyone's devices.  This really is something that needs a solution or it will be impossible to use Kahoot for reviews.

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    Today I had to completely re-do my review for the state exam tomorrow because the Kahoot was botted. This is ridiculous. If this were a one-off student writing their own bot I'd accept the lack of action, but there are online botting services that the students are using to destroy this game. In at least one of my class periods we can no longer use this tool because even with two factor login the bots get through. 

    I also resent you trying to take an issue with your program and make it our problem by saying its because the Kahoot's too hard. 

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    My sincere apologies! My intent was not to avoid fault. Our team regularly does school visits. We've learned from students that bots get used because some feel they can never win. I don't point this out to blame teachers. But, hopefully, understanding why bots are appealing can help us all brainstorm things we can do to make bots less appealing. One idea I tried to suggest was to use Team Mode.

    We are regularly identifying new bots and updating our platform to prevent them from working. If you believe bots were used to flood a game you hosted, please follow the advice posted here.

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    Just found 2 extensions and an app for making bots on Kahoot on the Chrome Web Store. 

    The names and their type are as follows:

    • Kahoot Smasher Beta (Extension)
    • Kahoot Smasher Pro (Extension)
    • Kahoot!: Hacked Edition (App)


    Can anyone from the K!rew report these items?

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    I have found that if you use the name generator, it cuts down on bot sabotage.

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    Feature idea: add a screen that allows the teacher to input the number of participants before the game is run.  Then limit the number of participants to that maximum.  Students passed the link to the game could use it as a test review for themselves by simply entering 1 (or any non-zero integer, really) when they want to play review. 200 bots cannot create players if the limit is set to 18, for example.  

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    Try using 2 step join in

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    You mean I just updated to include other features, and my games are still going to be overcome by bots?  I'm going to try 2 step join in but it seems a little frustrating because the code continually changes

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    Ok so basicly kids go on bot spam websites at school and spam and use hacks to crash it. very un accepteble Kahoot, 

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    Looks like this site is now being used to crash Kahoot! 

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    Just had this happen today. In my class it was caused by students doing it to crash the game.  Maybe have an option to link to your google account? Similar to how does it?

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    There is now something called Kahoot Flooder that ruins the game. 

    I used Kahoot for the first time in a class and they crashed the game for me. So I don't think the problem was that they thought they can't win since they never experienced this game with me before.

    here is what i found online:

    it's definetly what they used to crash it.

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    We are not we are just poor teachers that are trying to make kids stop spamming kahoot.

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    I am a school administrator. Can I have some of the links so I can block them?

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    I need to know how to fix this.  I will no longer be able to use Kahoot until I can fix it.

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    Well, a search on Google for "Remove Kahoot bots" doesn't have much, but it does have an old video which basically says the same things that everyone has been saying:

    • Enable Two Factor Authentification
    • Enable Team Mode

    Maybe, you will find something on Google that could help, but those are the only somewhat useful ways to stop bots.

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