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    Hi all!

    We've now launched a new creator that auto-saves! Learn more about this here.

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    This would be very helpful

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    I have the same problem. So irritating. It's like working with a decades old program where you need to remember to save every 5 minutes so you don't lose your work.

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    This caused me to waste over an hour on presentations because you have to resave for each individual question. I definitely think this issue needs to be fixed, and one of the reasons I'm planning on not using Kahoot for educational activities. It's format makes it difficult to use, and if you forget to save once, all that time and energy is lost. 

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    I just lost 12 out of 14 questions. :(


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    I just spent the whole day creating my first Kahoot and now it's lost. So much for the auto-save. I will never pay to upgrade my Kahoot account if they can't produce a reliable user interface and auto-save.

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    Hi overseashoosier!

    Very sorry to hear that. I had a quick peak through our logs and it looks like there was some sort of error when trying to save your kahoot. But never fear! It looks like it was saved as a draft. I think you'll be able to find it in your "My Drafts" list. There should be tooltips in your summary or on questions where there are errors preventing saving. These should help you get the kahoot into a playable state.

    Hope that helps!

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    Every time I type in something, it says the autosave failed. Do something about this or I will delete my account.

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    I had to retract the first statement. The saves work but you don't often see that they are saved until you open the kahoot game.  Then you see  that the questions were saved.

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