Is there a way to turn off the timer completely?




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    Hi Jenifer!

    During a live game, it's not possible to remove timers. As soon as a game PIN is assigned to your game, it's valid for up to 2 hours. Players won't disconnect suddenly once the PIN expires, but they won't be able to join or rejoin. To help ensure live games progress to their end, we have preset time limits.

    A workaround you can try is to upload a youtube video to each question and pause the video before it stops playing. The question timer won't start until the video ends (or reaches the stop time you set for it in the creator).

    Another workaround is to use challenges instead of live games. If you download our mobile app and create a challenge in it, you'll have a game option to remove question timers. Note that your students will need devices that have our mobile app installed to play challenges.

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    I'm with Jenifer on this one.
    Kahoot! is a very smart company with some innovative employees, I'm sure! I have faith that with the right mindset, they could establish a way to allow teachers to turn off the timer completely during a session. Thank you for the workarounds, but they are not reasonable for some.


    Most sincerely,

    Denise Hawk

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    Previously, the timer would start after the video ends. Now, the timer begins when the video starts playing then the players have to hurriedly click on the answer. Why did the feature change?

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    The Kahoots I had created are useless now because of this change in the timer. What can be done to fix this issue?

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    I would really love to have the option to eliminate the timer.  Some kids get really stressed and/or are answering my math questions by guessing rather than solving.  Please work on the option to turn off the timer.



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    I am working with deaf students virtually and have considered using Kahoot.  However with a wide range of reading abilities many students will understand the question better when ASL is used.  In order to do this, if there would be a way to turn off the timer that would allow me to use this resource with the students I work with.

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    I work with visually impaired students and have to read the questions and answers.  It would be really helpful to be able to turn the timer off so that the students have plenty of time to complete the questions, especially multi step problems.  

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    100% agree!  The timer is too stressful for the kids and they "lose it". It takes away from what otherwise would be a great learning platform. Please enable an option to either modify or eliminate the timer.

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    There should be an option for the teacher to turn off the timer AND to turn on to create more challenge. This is just silly to not be able to adjust it.

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    I'm thinking of buying Kahoot and run quiz on stream. But the timer can make it unfair if there is a lag. I don't understand how you don't give us an option to use it or not use it on each question. Your competitors have this option.

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