Can we please allow the teacher to increase the font size! ?



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    I teach Arabic and I am facing the same problem with the font. It is way too small

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    Teachers should be able to adjust the font size of the text presented.  Period.  Or else, it should be dynamically adjusted according to the amount of text present.

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    I absolutely agree!!!  You have this BIG color panel with teeny white font.  The color contrast is not great and the font is too small.  PLEASE in crease the font!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I agree. I have a student with poor eyesight and the white font on the yellow background is hard for him to see. The color of the font should be darker on the yellow background, or the text could have a shadow. Font should be bigger as well.


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    Same problem. I have large classes and half of my students can't read the answers. It is frustrating to play kahoots and it is the one reason I have not upgraded to a Premium account. Allow us to control font size. You're losing paying customers over this one issue that shouldn't be that difficult to implement.


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