Points for Accuracy Only?!




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    During a live game, it's not possible to adjust how points are awarded, only IF they're awarded.

    A workaround is to assign challenges instead of hosting live games. If you download our mobile app and create a challenge in it, you'll have a game option to remove question timers. All correct answers earn 1,000 points, with answer streak bonuses possible. Note that your students will need devices that have our mobile app installed to play challenges.

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    I second this opinion, being able to get ahead by accuracy and not points.  I see the workaround but it isn't possible in my case because it requires the mobile app, and our district won't allow use of mobiles by students.  This is one reason I prefer Quizizz over Kahoot, because it's not a mad dash...there is a way to toggle speed with accuracy or accuracy alone.  Thanks for allowing us the chance to submit feedback.  

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    This would be a great option for the classroom, especially in math.  Students often feel they'll do better guessing than taking the time to solve something.  For this reason I can only use Kahoot for simple facts and vocabulary, not more complex problems that require written work.  I would love to give my kids the message that speed isn't the most important factor. 

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    I agree! It would make Kahoot SOOO much better if you could play a game based on accuracy only, and not speed. Please add this feature!! :)

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    I completely agree. Please consider making this an option. My students who require more time to read the question end up dropping out after a few questions out of frustration.


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    Yeah, sorry. This would be an incredibly easy fix to make, and it's ridiculous that your company won't make it. If you cared about learning, you would. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but I think it's accurate. 

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    I totally agree with the above comments. Its a joke that when you set the points score to 0 that a leader board isn't created based on correct answers. Maybe change it to 1 and then always round up? That way you still have the timers on but if a student gets it right they get a point, wrong, 0 points. Would need to put an option on to remove streaks too.


    The whole thing breaks down when you are doing any sort of quiz

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    How hard would it be to just assign static point amounts to quiz questions? 


    We really need this.  My students that are playing on a team are at a disadvantage because they are taking time to discuss answers before submitting them.  They shouldn't be penalized for being thoughtful.

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