My trial license was unexpetcedly extended without a warning



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    It looks like you already made contact with our billing support team and had this resolved.

    For others that experience similar issues, here's some helpful info:

    If you provided credit card details for a "Free" trial, you will be charged automatically at the end of your trial. To prevent this, schedule your subscription to cancel at least 24 hours BEFORE the trial ends (see steps to cancel here). Cancellation doesn't take effect until the end of your current trial or billing cycle. So canceling now will still allow you access for the full extent of your trial or paid month/year.

    We have a "no refunds" policy explained in our Terms and Conditions. If you have questions or concerns about a charge or invoice, it's helpful to us if you reply to a related invoice or charge notice that we've emailed you. You can also email Please contact us from the email tied to your account so that we can quickly find and review your account and subscription.

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