More space for quiz questions!



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    I would like more space for questions as well as responses. I often end up abbreviating or doing other "creative" things to be able to fit in what I need. Nursing exam questions are fairly long and so are the responses.  

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    yes! I desperately need more room to write my questions as the amount of characters available isn't enough, not nearly! 

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    Yes! Please add more space for questions and their responses! Creating quizzes for Language Arts and Literature is very difficult with such a limited setting.

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    what Facilitator7148 said

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    I feel the same way for my AP questions. Anybody ever answer these community questions and comments?

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    I just subscribed to your Premium Package.  My first activity was problem solving.  If I am paying a premium for your service, I suggest more characters for asking open ended questions.  These types of questions are purposely long so students can think their way through the problem.  They need to figure out what they don't need to know to answer the problem and your program doesn't give that opportunity.

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    This is obviously a money versus technical question regarding enough space to ask an intelligent question of students.  What do I need to do to get this accomplished other that try a different teaching game?

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