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    Hi Jorge and ArtJ123,

    This is Isabella from Kahoot!. Please contact our support team here and they will work as quickly as possible to handle your request. 

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    I'm having a problem...I did not register for $120 per month and still I was charged for it. This is really not done. Because of this I had to cancel my credit card and I am going through so much of hassle. Request you to pls solve this and refund the money. I am anyway going to delete Kahoot and will recommend NO ONE to ever use it. You guys are thief!! 

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    I have use Kahoot with the free-trial for one day to test it for a class. I didn't received neither a demand of payment from Kahoot nor an email to unsubscribe or anything.
     I have been charged of a 108€ bill. 
    I can't afford this amount on my own, I kindly ask for a refund fot this bill that I didn't wanted. I really like your platform as it's very useful but I did a mistake by testing the free-trial business plan. 
    I am waiting for your response as soon as possible, 
    Thank you for your time and your response,
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    I am having a problem with Billing.  I signed up as a Not for Profit for what I thought would be $240 but was actually charged $480.  It has been several days of trying to communicate and the billing situation has not been rectified.  Would really love your assistance.  Trying hard.

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    I was charged with a $120 USD subscription which I never agreed to, I want my money back! I can't believe Kahoot would do something like this!! Unless I get my money back I will tell everyone to never use Kahoot again!! this is stealing!! My friends and I will make sure everyone knows on social media not go near Kahoot!

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