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    Hi CurryCCD!

    Thanks for this. I need to ask a favor though. Our teams regularly look over our forums to inform future development. It's difficult for us to track and update our forums when posts contain multiple ideas in them. We would prefer if different suggestions were contained in their own posts. Also, if you could search for your ideas to see if it's already been suggested, it would help us to gauge demand for something if you add your vote and commentary to existing posts, only creating new posts if you can't find an existing post. We realize that improvements could be made to make this easier on your end, and we hope to make improvements in the future. But any help as described that you can provide would help us in making these things a reality sooner.

    Below, I'll try to update you on any ongoings around the ideas you suggested:

    • Question-read Timing: There's now a post strictly about this. At the moment, we don't have any internal movement on this. We've experimented in the past with automatically adjusting display time based on question length. So we are interested in addressing the root concern about this. But there are no definite plans to add a toggle for this yet. We're continuing to monitor demand while other things with a proven higher demand are prioritized.
    • Correct Answer Screen Editing: You can already upload an image to the answer screen. Can you specify what other things you would like to edit on this screen?
    • Slide intro: I've not located another post about this. So please create one if you'd like. I believe we've made some improvements around this. But if it's still an issue for you, please add a standalone post about this.
    • Back-to-Back Slides: We definitely hear you loud and clear. Demeaning you via warnings is not what we want or intended to do. Kahoot!'s success has almost entirely been grassroots. So it's important to us that our services are used in a way that optimizes the play experience. Otherwise, players don't want to become creators. Offering rules and structure that encourages you to create an excellent experience is part of our offering. We don't always get it right and are receptive to feedback on this. There is already a standalone post about this that could use your input.
    • Answer Selection: This has been suggested already. We have no formal plan around this yet. But there is definite interest in doing something about this. We've already added an "open-ended" question type that might be useful in some similar situations. But ultimately, a "check all that apply" sort of question type is something we hope to explore in the near future.
    • Points: There's already been some good progress on this. You can now toggle points to be off or double on each question. You can also use "poll" question types instead of "quiz" question types. There had long been a toggle to disable answer streak. But it was removed recently due to a lack of use. There is currently a popular post asking to reinstate that toggle. Our teams are aware of the feedback there and hope to look into this soon. We have some pedagogical concerns with reinstating that toggle. But we definitely hope to understand and address the core issues presented in that post.
    • Music Options: We recently added a mute toggle in the top-right of the screen during gameplay. We've also recently added an option to choose between one of our several branded soundtracks. This was a premium offering. But as of today, it's now a free feature. We will also be adding a way for creators to set a default soundtrack to each game within the creator very soon.
    • Different themes/branding/animations/etc: In the last few months, we transitioned from different game types to just one game type with different question types. We've added puzzle, wordcloud, and open-ended question types. Images for answers is something we're seriously looking at (no definite plan yet). Custom branding/theming is a feature. But if you have any specific suggestions on what to add or improve, please check if such ideas have been suggested already and add a new post if they haven't (vote on them if they have).

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