Making the poll a premium feature is counterproductive




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    Hi all!

    You can now double or disable points!

    As part of free forever promise, this is a free feature to teachers and students.


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    I agree. It would be nice to keep it as a free feature. I used the Poll feature in a large group setting and the anonymity was a plus. There was no right or wrong answer tied to the response of the player. 

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    Actually.....  the four answers are not all correct..... there are NO correct answers!!  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  What is 2 + 2???  I don't know... what do YOU think it is??  

    In a perfect world we can ask for a poll question is we want opinions and then ALSO have the ability to turn points on/off is we want to just get feedback on students understanding.  


    I agree... Kahoot has made their product MUCH WORSE with this "new" feature.... which by the way is NOT optional.  We are forced to use it.  GIVE US THE OPTION BACK TO TURN POINTS ON OR OFF.   Please.

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    @Myfriendthedj You realize that was the point of taking points away, so you would be forced to buy premium to do a poll...

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    I paid premium to have the OPTION of doing it.  They took that away AFTER I had already paid.  Terrible business practice.  All it takes is a click of a few buttons for them to make this better but they refuse.

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    Thank you for giving that option back to us.......  But people need to know that in a POLL question or with a ZERO point answer, the answer streak bonus is STILL ACTIVE!!!!


    That's right.  If someone answers a poll question and IS IN THE MAJORITY, they are awarded BONUS points for the next question.  This is because we are not able to disable the answer streak.  I am sure we might be able to at some point but in the meantime it makes ALL poll questions and all ZERO point questions worth points.  Absurd.



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