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    Hi all!

    We greatly appreciate this report. Biojen's workaround is correct. The issue here is that since slides are strategically placed inside kahoots, we've sought to lock the ability to randomize question order. But it seems there's been a slight regression.

    By default, all game options will remain toggled on/off from game to game. Our system should know to toggle off "randomize questions" if the game includes slides. But it seems it's forgotten 😅. Our engineers are on the case and working to fix this.


    1. Click play on any kahoot that doesn't include slides.
    2. Toggle off "randomize questions"

    Now, "randomize questions" will be toggled off for all kahoots you host, including those with slides.

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    Hi Torri!

    Please contact our customer support team here: https://support.kahoot.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

    They will be able to look into this issue for you!



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    This was a huge issue for me yesterday when my formal observation left me without my lesson. :( After being frustrated all day and trying to figure it out, I think I found a temporary work-around while the support team fixes the issue: Open a different Kahoot that does not have any slides in it (questions only). Click to play that game. When the game options screen pops up, the "randomize order of questions" should now not be grayed out. Select to TURN OFF "randomize order of questions." This will now become your default so when you open the other quiz with your slides, even though you can't toggle that option, you'll at least have the option you want selected. 

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    same issue :(

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    Thank you. What biojen said worked!!

    Though I would like to be able to set game option for each Kahoot when we create it, and not to have to remember to change it when we play.

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