Adding Sound as part of the question



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    I agree I could add the pronunciation !

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    I'm a college music instructor and use Kahoot for test reviews.  I would love to be able to use it for listening test reviews too.  It's difficult to find a youtube video that doesn't have the information on the video.

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    I would like to be able to have music be the subject of the quiz. I like to let the contenders hear pieces of music they must then recognise, e.g. "From what movie or series is this the theme music or song?" Now I have to play this from a separate device, which makes timing a bit harder.

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    As a teacher for English as a foreign language, I would love to use sound for pronunciation training.... changing the Kahoot! theme would also a nice additive, as it would allow for using a theme related to the topic in question (literally :-))

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    As a music teacher it is imperative that I'm able to play sound clips for students.  As it stands, I have to upload my audio as a blank video to youtube, then link to it in the quiz, all the while anxiously waiting for youtube to remove the video for copywrite infringement.  It's such a process, I just can't do it very often.  I'd use Kahoot ALL THE TIME if audio files were allowed.

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    Yes to all of this!

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    I agree. Sound is such a massive part of language learning. For such a good program, it seems like a pretty big oversight. Must be some reason I guess.

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