Please Increase 100 Question Limit



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    I totally agree!  I too would pay for an upgrade if I could have more questions.

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    I completely agree. I have older kahoots that I want to revise and play with my students but because they have over 100 questions right now, if I edit them, then I'm going to have to delete more questions than I'd like to fit within the limit. This sucks. I'll probably just make a quizzizz or quizlet now. 

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    Totally agree especially with the online teaching we are doing now.

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    Why is Kahoot! Deciding for us, the customers, how many questions is the point at which students will “need a break”? If that really is the reason for the 100 question cap, then you need to stay in your lane and let the users/customers/teachers decide for themselves and their audience/students what the maximum questions on a test should be. I have no problem paying for a subscription, even a premium (top tier) subscription for years to come, including recommending this app to others (the best form of marketing is recommendations/referral! 😉), so long as I have the latitude to create MY tests as *I* see fit. Please remove the question limit, or all the work I have just done will all be for naught. I will then cancel my account, give a very poor rating & review in the Apple App Store, and verbally steer people away from this app; because I have literally spent hours/days working to create a test and if all of that work, time, energy, etcetera has been a complete waste, then I’m damn sure going to be VERY vociferous about it!!

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    its disappointing to stop at 100, extend it so we can help benefit students, have fun with family and friends, and see who knows most is trivia for party games and such. It'd be beneficial to many. 

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    I would like to agree with the previous posts.  I have always been a staunch supporter of Kahoot!, well before it was as popular as it is now.  I am very upset with the 100 question limit.  I have several Kahoots! that are over 100 questions, but cannot even copy/edit them now due to this new limit.  PLEASE change this.  We, their teachers, should get to decide how many questions to give OUR students.

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    Please increase the limit!

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    Please increase the limit, especially for paying customers. I have a Pro membership and feel as though a limit should be played on free accounts only. 

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    Terrible decision to limit to 100 questions.  really poor.

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    PLEASE increase limit. Also, please add feature to allow us to PAUSE a game, and return to it later like next day. The times definitely call for these features to be added.

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    My organization was planning to use the Challenge format as part of our competition with a bank of 300 questions.  Randomized and limiting how long the quiz was available.  Having a 100 question limit is going to make us change what we are using.  So sad as we were excited to use the Challenge function.

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