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    Hi guimeman!

    I think what you're looking for is our slide question type. Though we call it a "question type", it's not really a question. Slides can be added between other question types. You can use them before and after questions to either explain new information the next question will be about or provide additional information related to the prior question.

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    Hello, I am looking for the following feature. 

    Would like to run multi (4 answer choices) answer quizzes and after the student selects the correct answer, I would like to have  the followings displayed: eg "Correct answer is C. Reason for this is....  "

    Now I would like to have a template I could just upload to kahoot with the following fields: 


    answer 1

    answer 2

    answer 3

    answer 4

    (identify the correct answer field)

    explanation field


    I do not wish to upload an image for the "explanation part" but rather text, just as in case of the "question" and "answer" fields. 

    The image option I find cumbersome and since I'd have a lot of question pools, it is faster to load the explanation with the complete template. 


    Could you please comment on this? Thank you. 

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