Please, if possible add - audio - where teachers can read questions and answers to K-1 students!




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    Hi all! When adding media to a question, it's now possible to choose "audio" as an option. This is a text-to-speech option that will be read aloud during the question. You can copy and paste the question text here in order to read aloud the question or have something totally different read aloud.

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    This would be so helpful for kids with reading difficulties and disabilities.  Especially since we are teaching from home.  I have many students who need to practice story problems and I would love to have them practice through self-paced kahoots, but they need the questions read aloud to them.  Have an audio feature where a teacher can record voice ahead of time would be wonderful!

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    Loudly clamor for the same.  Add the ability to have audio available to read questions and answer choices to the kids!!  Please, please, please and thank you!

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    That's what I would love, too! I'm thinking for younger students I might have to use a different app since I can't guarantee there will be someone there that can read the questions to them. I usually use it at school where they see the questions on my big screen and I read it to them. Fast readers get a headstart on answering and love to be the first to answer...but with distance learning, I'm afraid to push it out to all my K-4. Not planning on K. Going to just do a video review and keep my fingers crossed with 1st-4th that they'll be able to read the questions or have a caring reader nearby that can help them out. For so many, having the adults need to be directly involved and supporting the learning is a hardship as they're trying to work from home or manage multiple other kids' learning or the kids are at essential daycares with only one adult per 10 kids...trying to maintain social distance. Hah! Try doing that reading from a screen.

    Thank you for the challenge feature. I just wonder if it'll be too challenging for all my students while they usually love to play with me.

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    Please look at adding a feature like this. It would be so handy for younger kids to access when they are learning to read. Even a work around would be good.

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    Please, please please add this feature!  

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    please please add!

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    I agree. Can you add an audio feature... in which the questions can be read to the students? Maybe the question can be read to the students by the computer or teacher. Maybe they can click on a little microphone to hear the question. I teach special education and I think it would be very beneficial for my students when they are playing challenges. Many of them struggle with reading.

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    It would be so much better if we could add our own voice! Text to speech sounds like a robot, no intonation makes it very difficult for ESL students to understand what is being read.

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    It is very nice that the mobile now reads aloud but as teachers we really need it read aloud on the computer - especially with the new game features. Hard for many students with reading challenges to compete at the same speed as their peers. This is not a good set up for students on computers. Please add a feature that will read the screen to them. I saw where we can have the questions read to them by including our own audio, but how do we get the answer choices read to them as well? Please make this all inclusive so that all learners can enjoy this. Hate to pay so much for something that hinders my students. 

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