Need way to delete players in Challenge mode



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    Hello!  Another reason this would be helpful is that I have a student who kept taking the Kahoot over and over until he could be super fast and get a great score.  But now his name shows up twice in my top 5 and he's my number 1, but its really because he cheated the system.

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    I definitely agree with you buddy teachers! I am also looking forward to having the chance to delete players who sign in using inappropriate names and with the CHALLENGE MODE it's just impossible to control everything from a distance. We really need an improvement on this side... Still no answers from the Support Centre??

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    This may not have been there before, but for anyone looking now, this is what I found.

    1. Go to the Kahoot on your list on
    2. Click on Play. (If you’ve already started the Challenge, it will say Challenge in progress.)
    3. Click on View challenge info (where it says Ends in x days).
    4. Near the top of the report, there are three tabs: Summary, Players, and Questions.  Click on Players.
    5. Click on the three vertical dots to the right of the inappropriate nickname and choose Remove player.
    6. Click Remove again to confirm
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    The steps posted by KKJames are the ones I have been using as well. It seems to work. I then enjoy when kids message me wondering why they got kicked out and didn't receive credit for the Kahoot game. My response - Because you didn't follow directions and type your real first name. haha

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