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    Hi all! With certain plans, you can now add up to 6 answers to quiz and poll question types. There is a "more answers" button underneath answer boxes that will add a 5th and 6th answer box. Learn more about question types here.

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    As an ESL teacher, my students have to put sentences in order. They struggle because there isn't and effective way to practice. Jumble would be a fun way for the class to practice, compete, and still learn the correct way to write the sentence but more than 4 word sentences are needed.

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    Ditto - this could be a brilliant game with great literacy power if we could have more than 4 options. please.

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    Also interested in a 5th answer choice for AP-style questions

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    Yes please- for language teaching these jumble quizzes are fabulous but you can only use them for very short and simple sentences. Extra spaces for extra words would be tremendous. I love Kahoot for language teaching! Also for some reason, Kahoot is lagging a lot this year for me- I'm guessing though that the problem is at my school end, unless others are experiencing the same problem?

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    I'm a French teacher and in the Puzzle part (formerly Jumble) it would be really helpful if I could have a way to put all the words required to create the sentence in there and then they make the sentence by place the words in the correct order. Unfortunately most sentences require more than 4 words so this limitation is extremely constraining.  I have made some Jumbles that have one answer with two or three words, and then the other 3 also with multiple words and they put these in order, however, this is not nearly as helpful.  Please consider modifying this, at least for Puzzles. Puzzles having only four parts are not really Puzzles. Perhaps they should have left the name the same ("Jumbles").

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    Agreed. More answer choices for Puzzle is key. Shouldn't be many more but between 6-8 would be a major improvement.

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    Go on Kahoot- clearly a need for this to be added. :-) 

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    Please. I can't use Kahoot for AP-style questions because of this problem. 

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    Absolutely agree! I am working on a poll for our New Student Orientation this Spring semester and some of our questions have more than 4 answer options. We love Kahoot but it does have it's limitations even with the Premium account we have. Please allow more than 4 answers. 

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    One would think this would be a very easy add-on.

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    Five options are essential.

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    I am purchasing Kahoot! reluctantly, and the FOUR ANSWER limit is why.  I have an upcoming workshop and Kahoot! is a good platform for polling the workshop participants. Over 50% of my questions have 6 or more answers.  I'm trying to compress those into four but it will be tough.  An example: This has 10 answer options.
    Do you work for a:
    2 yr public
    2 yr private
    4 yr public
    4 yr private
    K-12 public
    K-12 private
    District or System level
    Medical / Health Science Center

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    By looking at the activity on this request and that it started over 2 years ago, it is clear that this method of suggestion does not work and that the developers have no intention of adding requested features.

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    Agreed! I need to add 30+ answers for a poll. A feature where student can vote would be great

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    That's truly incridiblely terrible to see a well-known platform supposingly a smart application in the digital arena, with such lackings in the most simple requirements.

    It's an intuitive and obvious design for such educational tool, not even as an option or a teaser to encourage users to upgrade to the paid version? Why Kahoot?

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    How is this not a thing? We need the ability to add more answers. Sort it out Kahoot team! 

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    Having the option to add more than 4 possible answers is really critical.
    in addition, limiting the length of the answers to 75 characters is also problematic. 

    Can you please address these 2 issues.

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    Wow. I'm kind of disappointed that users have been asking for this for over 3 years now, and Kahoot has not added this feature. 

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    I am trying to create a poll where my students will rank 5-1 highest to lowest.  Having only 4 answers does not allow me to do this in Kahoot.  

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    Can they make it so that it's completely free for everyone?

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