Allow disconnected players to rejoin with their prior score



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    Would be great this feature. Most of my students use kahoot over browser and a lot of them refresh the site accidentally. I'd like to use kahoot from the start of the class 'till the end. This means a kahoot quiz could take 45 mins or more. If the students closes the browser, or lost wifi/4g for some reason, they will lose all of their points, thus i couldn't give them marks for their activity. Please add registration or allow to rejoin if the nickname is matching.

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    Surely for Kahoot users that have a player identifier account, the system should be able to add previous scores with reconnected players, same team name and emails address should be plenty to work with in adding the scores together. 

    Like to see some improvements in this going forward. 

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    As everybody needs to see questions on the host/teacher's screen, if one participant gets disconnected it delays the entire activity. Often, to rejoin quickly, people reload but lose their previous score. This also messes up the reports - unanswered questions, who needs help and other features get compromised.

    A suggestion for a minimum workaround would be for the host/teacher to merge results and exclude logins that didn't even get started.

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