Option to show/hide leaderboards between questions



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    I agree with the original comment above - I do want it to be a quiz and to show the results at the end, but not at every step. Also, if there were a way to at least adjust the leaderboard to a shorter display length, that would be better than what we have now - as 5 seconds for transition time and another 5 seconds for the leaderboard on every question is a very long time to waste between questions... Thank you

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    We'd also love the option to skip the results showing after each question. Agree that it eats up a great deal of precious time.

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    It seems that this has been talked about for two years. How about it Kahoot! team? Can you please offer the option to show/hide leaderboards between questions? My students find it distracting from the subject matter. And seeing the points at the end is important to them. Thank you!

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    Still waiting for kahoot to anser on this subject 

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    Ditto - I want to use an existing Kahoot! for a formal assessment but don't want the kids to see each others progress/scores.  Please make this an option, Kahoot!  

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    As a business looking to invest in the tool I think this would be a great added feature.  I would like the option to disable or customize when the scoreboard will be shown.  It is easier as a presenter to keep the flow moving and only show the score board periodically or at the end.  Please look into making this a feature.  

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    I don't mind scores showing if they are generic scores like "5000", but I need to be able to hide the results when they say "Sally scored 8 out of 10 questions". Can you please help KAHOOT?!

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    I agree. It would be good that the scores could be hidden, even in a quizz. Thank you

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    @Klivecchi I agree exactly - Kahoot, please create an option not have the leaderboard in-between questions but only the final scores at the end.


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    oui entièrement d'accord cela permettrait de faire des évaluation en fin de module avec correction automatique ! très interressant !

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