changing time limit per questions for all questions



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    (did you mean 20 seconds to 30 seconds for 100 questions?)
    Yes, this is SOOO frustrating!  I was told by a representative that,  "This is mainly due to the fact that different question types may require longer to answer than others. Thus we allow each question to have its own timer." 
    Fine! But then shouldn't one be able to choose one's OWN default time for all questions, then adjust the few that may need more or less time as needed?  
    Having to adjust EACH question to what a teacher would like (for me usually 10 seconds per question) to be their default time for their students seems very counter intuitive. 

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    I agree that an option to change the time limit for all questions at once would be extremely useful!

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    Yes, I agree. This is an important editing feature that we teachers need!

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