Allow the creator to record their own voice, instead of Text to Speech, for the Read Aloud feature.



  • I agree. It would be nice if we could record our own voice directly into the app. The only work around I have found is to upload a youtube video of yourself saying it and then adding it through the app. 

  • Being able to use our own audio files opens up a lot of options. We could use animal sounds or musical instruments. "What is this instrument?" and "What animal makes this sound?" and a whole lot more options.

    The only thing I could see being a problem is hosting. Audio files are large.

    Perhaps we, the teachers, could host the audio files on something like Google Drive or Dropbox, or some other hosting where we can share a link. Then we give the link to the Kahoot to get the audio file from the teacher's own Google Drive or Dropbox or whatever we use.

    To do this in a good way, Kahoot would still have to have some more storage space and hosting, because not all storage services are the same, and it might be difficult when a bunch of users (students) attempt to download a file from Dropbox or Google Drive all at once and the hosting service wasn't prepared for the sudden influx of so many people downloading at once. So, Kahoot would need storage space to download the file themselves and then fire it back at the students devices when the Kahoot is loaded to play.

    Or Kahoot could only offer it for hosting and not provide the sound to the students devices. A feature drawback. But, they might still need to temporarily store the file on their own drive when hosting, so as to not deal with major delays when playing.

    However, I'm not sure Kahoot even hosts the images. I've had delay issues with some images that suggests to me that Kahoot is pulling directly from the image services at the time of play, and when those services that provide the images aren't ready for an image to suddenly become popular, it can take a long time for that image to load.

    So, maybe we just go with pulling it from the teachers' hosting services like Dropbox and Google Drive, throw up a disclaimer, and pray it works well enough when we need it too.

    But this would be a nice feature for us to have.


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