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    We've made many strides to add support for multiple languages into our services lately. For the latest info on what languages are supported, please check this help article.

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    I need a Kahoot in spannisH

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    I upvoted this topic, because i think it's a very importent and urgent topic.

    I'm a teacher in an elementary school and our kids can use it easily with their own, native language.

    If the developers need, i can make the hungarian translation for free.

    When you choose the language of the kahoot, it can determinate the user interface's language, so

    u can make more kahoots with more language.

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    Hi! I just met this awesome tool and I was kinda sad that it doesn't have other languages than english. I'm brazillian and I can do the translation to my idiom too, for free if needed.

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    i am a translator and a teacher of ESL and I offer myself to help with the translation to Brazilian Portuguese.

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    Hi everyone: I think this tool is very useful nevertheless, it should be in Spanish also, because all of my undergraduate students are Spanish speakers.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Please translate in Canadian French

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    hello! Can your are add Kazakh languages? The application is very cool, and I wish to develop further!

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    I have a student from Japan who Does not speak any English, but I am sure He would love to participate in class.

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    No debe ser una app muy Buena porque no tiene la opcion de cambiar de idiomas hoy en dia la Gran mayoria de Las app tienen different languages

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    French please ;);)

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    I need a Kahoot in portuguese. 

    Fast , Fast , Fast

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    Eu também preciso! I need it in Portuguese too! ASAP :)

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    Hello, my students would appreciate Kahoot in French... 

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    As a RTL language native speaker (Hebrew) i feel that we are really left out in the world wide web. Supporting RTL content is way more basic than developing whole UI interface in different languages.

    Because the alternative RTL instructions is really frustrating, and because teachers in my med-school really struggle with that situation, me and my friend write a chrome extension that's adds CSS RTL attributes automatically and fix the problem for us. of crourse you can also shut this off in one click.

    In the link you could also see 10sec video example. I encourage you to add it to your blog!

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    Hi, I think its great if Kahoot support multilingual. I can provide Indonesian (South-East Asia) translation. Please, we still waiting this feature released...

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    I wish I can use Kahoot, but not until after I can use Cyrillic.

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    Your program would be of better use if it could be translated into other languages, especially at a time like now. I am an native English teacher teaching in South Korea, and I feel bad for my students. Please push this to the top of your list as this would make your program one of the top if not the best program globally.

    Thank you

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    Kahoot in German please

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    Kahoot in Arabiccccc!

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    If you won't add this feature - to allow volunteers to translate Kahoot to their languages - many teachers will migrate to other platforms, like Quizizz, for example, which allow translators to cooperate. A big part of teachers in the world are not youth, so English is difficult for them. 

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    Korean, please!

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    German, please!


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