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    Hi!  Yes, my classes would like to see bigger font in the answer and question portion.  It is really small to see in a class of 28 students.  Thank you!  

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    I’d like the font size to be customizable as well. It’s really tough to read from the back of the room.

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    Yes, larger font would be very helpful in using this program.  It looks like there is a lot of space that could fit larger fonts (Question and answer areas).  Thank you.  

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    I would like to change the font color to black.  It is too hard to see in white.  My students have trouble reading it when it is projected on to my classroom screen.


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    I really need to change the font size, I teach in Japan and their eye sight is pretty appalling, add to that 38 students in a class and it’s almost impossible to use live Kahoots in a classroom.  If the answers were on the ipad that’d be awesome.  Basically all the teachers at my school are looking for another “game” because of this problem.

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    How can I make the font sizes larger for the answers?

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    Yes, the same for me! Especially because I'm using Arabic script and this it is so small that I cannot use Kahoot at all in beginners' lessons. What a pitty!

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    Me too! Although I love Kahoot, and my students do as well, I'm many times left with no other option but to switch to other games, like Quizlet live, because of this issue. Font is soooo small that students at the back of the room always need to move up front and sit on the floor when we play.

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    1st time I tried this game today. The font was really small when sitting in the back of the class. Specially in the yellow answer button it is impossible to read due to the weak contrast. This was the only complaint I heard from several students.

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    I have to add the same suggestion, Even in a smaller classroom it is very difficult to read the answers and the yellow contrast is very difficult to read.  Was there an answer from Kahoot?  


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    There were new similar comments, but up to now no answer...

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    I'm changing my question to an ANSWER:  Using a browser that you can magnify resolved the issue for us.  I use CHROME.   I put it at about 150 to 200% and everything still fits on the screen.

    You can do this in most browsers with the ctrl+ keys or command+ keys for MAC.  ctrl- and command- to reduce the magnification.

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    Same here. MUCH too small for some students to see. Especially in the back of the classroom.

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    I agree - larger font size and maybe the ability to change color. The white on yellow/gold is especially hard to read.

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    I'm struggling with this, too. I have actually made power points, converted them into JPEGs and then used the JPEGs as the picture for the question. It is very time consuming, but works. If we could take away the photo space option to allow for larger answer boxes, it would be quite handy. I hope that this issue will be taken into account as they alter their formats.

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    I'm a special education teacher so I'm thinking about visually impaired students or simply students who need larger print for whatever reason. I agree with being able to have the ability to have the answers on the students device or on the board or both. My students are not able to go from the board to their device with ease. With severe disabilities, they misplace the information in the transition from the board to their device- plus many cannot read so they are relying on remembering what I just read to them. They love this interactive tech piece and I'm going to use it, but I'm not feeling Kahoot is currently at its best in regards to supporting students of various needs or at least from what I know about it- Just started using.

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    Agree--my students in the 8th grade cannot see the tiny text from even the middle of the classroom.  Why not just give us the ability to make the font size bigger in the colored areas in the bottom?


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    Yes - please - please - please - allow the font size to be increased!  I am not currently a pro member but would happily pay the pro fee for this ability.  I would love the flexibility to decrease the image size and increase the question and answer font sizes.  Customizable by question would be the ultimate request!

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    The font size should be adjustable. I can't magnify it with "Ctrl+" on my Mac, and students often struggle to read the questions and answers. There appears to be plenty of blank space left on the screen to make the font size larger.

    Folks have been asking for this improvement for several months now. How is it taking so long for the engineers to create a fix for this basic problem?

    We enjoy the software you've created, and we'd enjoy it even more—and be likelier to recommend it to colleagues, and to sign up for paid memberships—with certain key improvements. 

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    If you look at each slide, even with a picture there is a lot of unused space. Lager text is an absolute must. Even if the text is not customizable, a larger default text would be better.

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    A whole lot of questions, but obviously no answers for ADA compliance.

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    Larger font size in the answers please! So many want it. 

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    Dear Kahoot,

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make an option for LARGER font! In a classroom with only one screen at the front of the room its hard for students in the back half of the room to read the questions and answer choices. This is such a basic, common sense feature that will make a huge difference!

    Thank you.

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    Ever since I was introduced to Kahoot!, I loved it so much that I immediately signed up as a Pro user.

    However, then I realised that even my students at the front of the class are having problems seeing the answers in the boxes on the big projector screen. At first, I thought that it must be the settings. Then it dawned on me that there is no way to change the size of the fonts.

    I chanced upon another app, Quizizz, which did largely what Kahoot! is able to do. But the Holy Grail that made me cross over is that the Quizizz platform allowed the answers to my quiz to be presented directly on the iOS devices of each of my students. You can have your answer in text (English or Chinese), or pictures or a combination of both! My students need not squint their eyes or come to the front of the classroom to check for their answer options. They can do it right there on their iPads!

    I really loved Kahoot!. I felt that in terms of game machanics, Kahoot! is a better platform in gamifying learning. However, the key feature that broke the deal is still the fact that despite your so many of users are giving you precious feedback on this broken feature, there is absolutely no official reply AFTER SO MANY MONTHS!

    Your competitors can do it, so Kahoot! why can't you do it?

    I say give us users what we have been asking for:

    1) Customisation of size of fonts in the answer boxes

    2) Option to include image/picture into the answer boxes, beside just plain text

    3) Option to display the answers/pictures in the answer boxes of each and individual iOS mobile devices, rather than just on the big computer screen

    I am sure your engineers can work this out. Please give us users the reason to continue using Kahoot!.

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    I found a (partial) solution. Just zoom the webpage (by using Ctl + plus sign or whatever your web browser uses).  And it does help a lot. 

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    I agree.  Come on Kahoot, all these new cool things and I can't change the size of the font?  You guys are smarter than that.  

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    For a pay version, it is not exactly high-quality service that the font size is not adjustable. Why can I not choose to leave out the picture and use that huge space for the answers. The first suggestion was made over a year ago, and nothing has happened. It dones not exactly mean Kahoot cares about its customers. Any news from a representative of the site about when it will be added?

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    just want to add my voice to the list... please let us make the font larger... if the students can't read the answers, then the whole kahoot process is useless :(

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    Why isn’t this a thing? It’s clearly a something teachers want. It seems reasonable. I have to say, personally, it’s kind of a deal breaker.

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    Wow, just starting using Kahoot and was seriously considering to pay for it after my trial expires on Friday.

    But the number of support threads and complaints about font size being too small is unreal.

    Just look at this! that's on an Ipad if you would believe.


    UX problems don't get more obvious than this.

    Couple that with the fact that some of the threads are a few years old and still not even as much as an acknowledgement from any of their Staff is mind-boggling. Utterly mute.

    Even if they fix this issue today, it just speaks volumes about the sort of company this is and their attitude towards their customers' needs.

    I am glad I haven't invested too much time or effort into this platform as some of you clearly have.

    All I can say is find alternative companies that actually value your custom.

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