Voice recording to create a quiz



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    Total agree.  Language teachers need this feature.

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    I agree. I would like to use it for the pupils to practise French pronunciation at the same time as spellings and meanings.

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    I agree, this would be a very useful tool...especially at the moment.

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    Agree.  It would be a nice feature for phonics and sight word quizzes.  I could say the sight word or phoneme and kids could answer.  

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    Agree. At this time I have to make a video, upload to Youtube and share in Kahoot.

    To teach the alphabet this results in 29 videos to cover the norwegian alphabet.

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    I agree!  I love Kahoot and use with my students all the time.  I would love it even more if you could record yourself asking the question.  Especially for my ELLs and my Kindergarten students.  That would be a fabulous feature!  

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    I completely agree. This is the reason why I prefer Gimkit. I'd gladly come back to Kahoot if it allowed for customized audio.

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    Kahoot's text-to-speech is OK but not great nor ideal.  Text-to-speech technology has come a long way in recent years, but it can still sound somewhat unnatural when it comes to longer sentences or texts. To address this issue, it would be incredibly helpful if we could record our own voices and upload these recordings to be used instead of the default synthesized voice. This would be especially valuable for ESL students, who often benefit greatly from hearing a native speaker's intonation and emphasis on certain words and phrases.

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    Completely agree!  Our organisation has recently signed up with a subscription and our language teachers are seeking this feature please.

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