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    Hi there! It's now possible to mute or adjust volume of music/sound during a live kahoot. The options can be found in the top-right of the screen while hosting. You can learn more about this here.

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    Hi there!

    Have you tried muting the sound on the specific tab that is playing the kahoot? I'm not sure what web browser you use, but on Google Chrome you can ctrl + click on the tab, and select "mute site." Then, you should still be able to hear your students questions over the video chat. 

    I hope this helps!


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    Kahoot should make this easier for their users to mute the music. Even though it may seem like a simple solution there are plenty of teachers that will read that solution and feel additional stress...teachers have a lot on their plate and sites like Kahoot should not add any more, even if the learning curve may seem small.  

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    My students are ESL kids. The music is an added distraction that they definitely don't need while they are reading and souding out the words.

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    I am a music teacher now using Zoom and Kahoot to have kids sight-sing the music they see onscreen. The background music is distracting and confusing when they are trying to hear the music they see in the head and sing it back to me.

    Turning off the sound in the browser window is tiresome because many of my Kahoots use YouTube links to play music examples and I'm constantly having to mute and unmute the window.

    Please add the option to turn off the question's background music.

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    It is enough to add a turn off music option. There is a bad option to turn off the browser's sound volume, because I need for listen the music for the questions and quiz... so it would be great option to be able to turn off the background music, that I don't need... and distract from the music I want to listen.

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    KaAhoot team. You,  and Isabella,official comment,   have tin ears.  Six months ago  you said toggle it off in chrome - you do realize that we have to turn it off twenty times when running a 20 question quiz... twenty times. How can that be good for anyone?  You guys need to get serious about listening to your customers and fixing this problem after all the comments you have had about it.  It is sad you want to depend on a chrome feature to fix it, when it does not.  Not everyone uses Chrome!


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    Agreed. I'm also a music teacher and students cannot think any music they're reading in their heads or out loud if other music is playing. 

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    The music is a problem with remote Kahoots.  Please provide a option no background music.


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    I just found something and it worked to mute the music.  I am using chrome:  place your cusor on the tab and right click to mute the page.  I only had to do it once and it work.  hope that helps

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    It really is unhelpful not having a 'switch off' option for the kahoot background music for the questions. We want to do some quis questions where one plays a short sound clip; it is very distracting when the Kahoot music blares in after the sound clip has finished

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    I completely agree about the music!!!  As we are all teaching remotely, it is very difficult to play and have the music due to not being able to hear the kids.  I will try the fixes listed above tomorrow, but if it proves too hard or that I have to do it each question, we won't be using Kahoot again.


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    The background music is so frustrating and not easy to "switch off" as your instructions say. I've seen several blogs requesting this to be fixed for a long time.  When will this be fixed????

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    please put option turn off the background music.when I remote game with students due to that music,unable to talk to my students....

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    I'm having the opposite problem; I cannot hear the music, although I have chosen a music theme and the sound it is not muted... any ideas from anyone? :)

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    Agreed. There needs to be an option to turn off the music. Just add a "none" option where you select the music in game options. Doesn't seem difficult. We use these Kahoot games for corporate classroom activities and the music is really distracting for adult learners.

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