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    Hi all! There's now a live game setting to mute or adjust music volume separate from your device's volume setting.

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    I agree I don't want the music. I would liek to have the option to TURN IT OFF. 

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    On the screen which showing Pin Number, top on right side, there is a mute button and also a function to change a music.

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    I'm having the opposite problem; I cannot hear the music, although I have chosen a music theme and the sound it is not muted... any ideas from anyone? :)

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    AGREED!  When I play live in school, I can just mute my computer.  But now with this teaching from home, I play kahoot by sharing my screen through a video chat, and I want to be able to have dialogue with the students  ... this music is driving me nuts!  I have to turn it off at every single question.  Why isn't one of the music options "none" !?!?  

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    Yeah, just a volume down function will be needed.
    I am teaching in colleges in Tokyo. Since our school years start  on April, my students, lots of fresh, have never been to a real class room. I asked them whether I stop music at Kahoot! They said, "small volume will be the best. Non-music will let us feel very isolated. Some music will help to imagine that other students will enjoy this Kahoot! at the same time in more real."
    Huh, difficult to make a fun class on-line.
    Anyway, thank you Kahoot! they told me you have motivated them really much. :) Definitely your service have worked!

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    Go here to switch off music on any site:

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