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    Yes!!!! Please do this Kahoot. I would love to use your service all the time, probably once a week on average, but I just don’t want my kids trying to answer quickly instead of reading the question and answers carefully. I’ll be student teaching honors English next semester, and those kids will be answering high level questions about the things they’re reading. Incentivizing them to rush will not teach the skills I’m trying to build as we prepare for the AP test. This is the most important thing kahoot needs to change. Please let teachers manipulate how scores are calculated.

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    Totally agree.  +1 here.

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    Me too!  It's discouraging for those that are also doing well but might not be the fastest.  Let us turn it off, or have the ability to edit who goes up on the screen after each question.  I want to give a shout out to everyone that is playing at least once.


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    Any update on this?

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    This would still be very helpful!

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    It used to exist, where is it now?

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