Option for students to play a Challenge multiple times



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    I agree! I was looking for a way students could take the Challenge multiple times so they could improve their scores for a grade (and learn from their mistakes!). Would love a Retake feature!

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    If this is a study tool and not an assessment, it is essential for students to be able to take multiple times.  Could I make more than one challenge of the same Kahoot, randomize the questions, and assign again? 

    I haven't used this yet--did you say students cannot see their results or questions missed? 

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    In order to play the same Kahoot several times you (as the creator of the Kahoot), could create several versions of the same Kahoot - but you would have to change the name somehow, by either adding a letter or number at the end, and then you would have to send each of the new links of these new Kahoot versions to your students - which I think would be very confusing for the students and time consuming for the teacher.  Right now, my students are re-playing the same Kahoot - but they have to change their 'nickname' each time they replay it. They cannot use the same name twice.  I would like a feature where the teacher could allow students to replay the same Kahoot in order to get a higher score, especially if they can't see the answers at the end - and you can shuffle the answers so they are not the same each game play (so students aren't just memorizing a letter and actually know the answer).  I use the Kahoots as a study tool and create a challenge for the students to play on their own, and tell them to get a score of 75% or higher in order to get credit - and in order to do that, they need to keep creating a new nickname to play the challenge a second (or even third) time, and since I am giving them credit based on them playing, they have to create a nickname that is close to their actual name so I know who is playing.  Would be so much easier if they could just replay the same Kahoot Challenge multiple times.  Wish they would add a 'flag' to allow the Challenge to be played more than once.

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    Precisely!  I use Kahoot and have exactly the same issues!  This is a major drawback to using Kahoot as an online assessment tool.  My students complete it over and over, although I have them add a number at the end of their name (eg Anna, Anna1, Anna2 - which allows me to also keep track of how often they are attempting it) - all because they are not "sure" they have gotten 75% correct.


    Please, please add this as a feature!

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    Exactly. It is non sense :

    - on a desktop, students (or any player) can set another nickname (eg : Julie and then Julie2) and play again immediately.

    - on the mobile app, because of personnalized learning, they have to follow the steps and wait at least 24h ... it seems impossible to change the nickname and play again immediately


    Why ?!?

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    Has this been resolved?

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    Apparently not. Hey Kahoot! team, could you please resolve this issue of not allowing students to play again with the same nickname? It's really silly that a powerful tool like this does not have this type of option or setup.

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    Throwing my two cents in, too, so then the Kahoot team knows that teachers want this. Allowing students to retake something until they achieve the sort of mastering is a fantastic way to differentiate instruction. It would be very helpful to have students understand what their score or percentage is in terms of how many questions they answered correctly.

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    I agree! I have just began using kahoot in classroom teachings and there is a lot of "smaller" features that is missing for Kahoot to reach it's maximum learning potential. Is this problem the same for Kahoot courses as well?

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