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    Hi all!

    We're excited to introduce to everyone our new creator today, with the ability to add different question types in the same kahoot!! We currently have Quiz questions, True or False, Slides, and Polls.

    We intend to add Jumble in the future. For now, Jumble is still a separate kahoot you can create.

    Learn about slides in this YouTube video, or polls in this YouTube video.

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    I'd need such a feature too, as I want to display answer/explanation sheets after certain questions.

    Tabbing is fine while using the kahoot in class, but for a shared kahoot this does not work, does it? But that's where I'd find this feature most helpful.

    In class, I can offer explanations anyway. But when students practice with a shared kahoot at home, and need to know exactly WHY a certain answer is right or wrong, a slide in between questions would be very helpful. I'm talking about math here.

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    This is a common request with different wording and options but we really need it. The user can include picture or media that can be played or shown before the question or after the answer, there is the option to show media, but that media is shown during the answer and we need to add more explanation or to introduce the next topic with a different image or with more explanation for the next question. You can use a power point presentation or similar program, but is not a good user experience switching programs and make the presenter lock to the computer. Kahoot works well with a clicker to advance the next question, then we just need an option that will show media in full screen before the next question so presenter can move around the room. This could be an enhancement for the Pro version so development would be founded. 

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    Wow, 1 year and no real solution has been created. The feature currently available of adding a "slide" is horrid. Bryan, "Learn about slides in this YouTube video, or polls in this YouTube video." - this is not a solution.

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    I am currently using the snipping tool to produce JPEGs of existing PowerPoint slides to insert into the Kahoot! Slides.  It is a bit time consuming, are there any plans to allow for either building slides in Kahoot! or importing slides from PowerPoint?  In addition, why does it force a question for every slide?  Would love to see the option for multiple slides in a row.  If that was available, I think it would be a great added value.  My purpose for using Kahoot! is for Adult Learning and would like the capability to create an entire presentation on the platform, without the need to toggle back and forth between Kahoot! and other means of presenting.

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    Hi SU_Aaron!

    You can actually save individual slides as PNG or JPEG files, no need for a snipping tool. This help article from Microsoft includes directions on how to "Save a single slide as an image" on Windows OS midway down the page. So far, I don't think we've had any serious thought about importing slides directly from a PowerPoint file. But it's a great idea that should be considered! I've not come across this as its own standalone suggestion/post. So please feel free to start one!


    Hi GVMAtlanta!

    I'm sorry our version of slides isn't what you expected. It would be really helpful if you could pinpoint some specific shortcomings of our implementation and offer suggestions on how you'd like to see us address them.


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    Jumping into the conversation here, as I have some thoughts about the slides.

    We are trying Kahoot for the first time this week/weekend. Overall, it's fantastic! Much more interesting than powerpoint when presenting to college students, but it definitely has a few shortcomings. We picked up the 14 day trial for Pro, in order to use Slides and other features. As things stand currently, I do not think we would continue the pay plan past the trial period.

    As SU_Aaron mentioned, the ability to string multiple slides together would be valuable. More importantly to us, however, would be the ability to adjust or remove the transition time before each slide. Having that transition before each question makes sense, but it's entirely unnecessary before slides and adds a lot of extra time. My colleague is going to have 20 minutes to teach a group of first-year students about what our office does, importance of internships, etc etc. It's a lot to squeeze in, and some of it can't really be summed up in a quick and quirky question.

    It sounds like a nitpick, but 5 extra seconds of waiting for the slide to show up each time adds up quickly and devalues the feature greatly for us. 

    There are other concerns unrelated to this post/conversation that would bar us from keeping the subscription, but I'm looking around and posting in more relevant community posts for those.

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    Agreed - timing of slides need to be adjustable. So should the sound be!

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