Quiz, Jumble, Survey/Discussion questions in one kahoot




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    Hi all!

    We're excited to introduce to everyone our new creator today, with the ability to add different question types in the same kahoot!! We currently have Quiz questions, True or False, Slides, and Polls.

    We intend to add Jumble in the future. For now, Jumble is still a separate kahoot you can create.

    Learn about slides in this YouTube video, or polls in this YouTube video.

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    This would probably be a helpful feature if you could be able to switch a kahoot to a survey or a quiz.  

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    I agree. I would also like to be able to duplicate a quiz but as a JUMBLE...

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    I also would like to put more than one type of question into a single kahoot. I have only a few jumble type questions I would like to try out, but 3 or 4 questions is too short for a kahoot for my purposes. I want to be able to put those in with the multiple choice questions.

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    I agree.  I usually have one or two questions where a jumble would be the best format, but the rest of the questions work better in quiz format.  I haven't used jumble much for this reason.

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    Need Need Need Need! I think this would be an amazing feature to implement. 

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    Mixing-Mode to play more than one kahoot, it would address two different request.

    1. Merging kahoots, common request, actually merging is possible using excel, but only when kahoots are same mode.
    2. By enabling "Mixing-Mode" and the option for the user to chose two or more kahoots, then second or third could be a different mode (quiz or jumble)

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