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    Good news!

    "Multi-select" is now available on quiz and poll questions.

    Read more about this new feature here.

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    I would be happy if submission of multiple answers is allowed in Kahoot as well. That would be definitely helpful and more user-friendly.

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    It seems that there are plenty of requests about supporting such a type of question. Multiple correct answers supporting do make Kahoot! be more useful in teaching and learning.

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    I totally agree with you. In questions where several choices are correct, one should make all the right answers before getting a score (point).

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    Multiple correct would be great. Please make this happen. Thanks!!!

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    Not having capability of multi-choice answers is impacting our capability to use Kahoot. If I am not mistaken Quizzes offer that option and might have to use them over Kahoot due to this limitation. I would encourage Kahoot engineering team to look into this feature at the earliest. 

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    I do not understand why Kahoot can not do it while the concept of puzzle exists and is a bit similar (several check). This is really a pity and is harmful to my use of kahoot.

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    Multiple answers would be a great addition. Kahoot, please look into for the next release. thanks

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    It's been 2 years since this request and no progress on this. 

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    Multiple answers being right, leads to MORE applications for Kahoot! Want to make more money? Help more nonprofits understand their clients they are serving? Multiple right answers could help Kahoot grow. RE-think your model, please!

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    I also want this feature. For 40$ a year, I'm surprised this doesn't exist. Same with adding more than 4 answers. Kahoot needs to compete with Quizizz. 

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    Good afternoon, I’m brand new to kahoot and subscribed for the premium edition for my business. Will you be adding the multiple selections for the quiz answers? I see it has been 2 years with no change. I will more than likely unsubscribe and ask for a refund if this feature isn’t added. Thank you.

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    How has this feature not been added in the 2 years since this discussion started? That's disappointing. Obviously it would be a great feature.

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    No such feature makes Kahoot quite usless. I change to Quizziz.

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    In a quiz with multiple correct answers, all of them shall have to be selected during a gameplay, otherwise it is useless. This issue is apparently active since a wild. Please do your best to integrate this feature.

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    A multi-answer question: Yes, students should be able to choose 1 or more answers before hitting a submit button. They get points for every right answer and of course the most points if they select all correct answers quickly. Students should be able to recognize that this is a multi answer question so they know to hit submit

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