Inserting a 2nd explaining picture when showing result




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    Hi all! This is now possible by adding slides between questions. You can create slides in Kahoot! or import slides from a slide deck.

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    Can't agree more. This is super useful for difficult problems where an explanation page is needed. Because from a teacher point of view, not only right or wrong answers matters, the why of right and wrong is even more important.

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    I agree 

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    This is a common request with different wording and options but we really need it. The user can include picture or media that can be played or shown before the question or after the answer, there is the option to show media, but that media is shown during the answer and we need to add more explanation or to introduce the next topic for the next question with a different image. You can use a power point presentation or similar program, but is not a good experience switching programs. Kahoot works well with a clicker to advance the next question, then we just need an option that will show media in full screen before the next question.

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