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    Hi all!

    We're excited to introduce to everyone our new creator today, with character limits now 120 for questions and 75 for answers!!

    Learn about it in this help article or this youtube video.

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    I loved Kahoot and purchased the license Plus today, but it is necessary to urgently increase the character limit of the questions and answers. In my area of activity, the questions we create can reach 1000 characters and the answers can reach approximately 500 characters each. I believe that if the text for "credits" supports 1000 characters, there will be no problem adapting the character limit of the questions and answers. Thank you.

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    I would like to use kahoot, but have a problem with their character limit. I'm looking for help as to whether one can get around this issue, by either upgrading or any other way.

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    I regularly struggle pasting in questions I have pre-prepared questions need at least 500 characters for the questions - please!

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    I am always trying to create study games and as I am the student the questions I would like to put on her were great by the teacher there for i can not change the wording for me and the other class mates to use i think the question answer and the word answer should go up to at lest 200 no more then 500 if you need more then that then its more like an essay or a paper then a question? this is why i use QUIZLET  because they have unlimited characters and i can take the set i made and play different games with it.

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    Yes, please add more characters


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    I agree I'm a student helping all my friends out but can't paste the whole answer in from my doc. My friends cant study correctly if stuff is missing and I don't wanna let them down PLEASE RAISE IT! Can't you raise it by words instead of letters. Having A set number of words is better than letters. Especially for the kids studying science who have advanced words that take up 50% of the space and stuff

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