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    Hi all!

    We're excited to introduce to everyone our new creator today, with character limits now 120 for questions and 75 for answers!!

    Learn about it in this help article or this youtube video.

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    I'm school teacher but feel character limit should be increased please.

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    I would also like to see additional characters for both questions and answers

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    I use this in the high school setting and desperately need more character space! 

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    A workaround is to put 1,2,3, and 4 in the answer options and make a picture with words in it. However this doesn't work if a picture is already present.

    Maybe the font size of the answer options could decrease as more characters are added to it, that way, the text would be HUGE if there is only 1 word, while a long detailed answer option would have smaller text.

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    Hi there. Is there a way to add more word space for the questions or answers in Kahoot. I subscribe to Kahoot and not to sure if there is a option to make those areas allowed to type more. I see that many others comment on this same issue. Is Kahoot considering this . 
    Thank you

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    We are using Kahoot! in a university setting and would really benefit from more characters for the question and answer sections. The current limitation is causing barriers on how we'd like to use the game with our students. Thank you!

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    I need Kahoot for 30-35 students. May I know what is the plan for me. I also need more than 60 characters (about 200 characters) for both the questions and answers.

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    I even need more than 120 characters space. I type my question in 2 languages for diverse students and the space cannot handle it. 

    Thank you for considering an increase.

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    I am creating practice board certification exams for a massage therapy program. The questions and answers are pretty typical for standardized tests - intentionally sort of wordy - and I can’t edit them much without losing their meaning. I definitely need more space to type in answers. I’ve heard the suggestion to use slides, but I’m creating hundreds of practice problems, doing this 4 times for each problem would be a nightmare.

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    Can the question and answer field not be limited? I teach inclusion classes at the high school level in various subjects and I love the way the Kahoot! platform allows me to control the speed of the game. My students actually participate as opposed to just rushing though and using the time to be on their phones, but...since my review questions typically come from a bank of Schoolnet questions some of them are very lengthy and Kahoot will not allow me to enter in all of the information that is contained in the question. I would much rather use this platform in my classes but have had to explore other options because of the limited number of characters that are allowed. 

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    For open-ended questions, the limit is only 20 characters, which is far too few for challenging my Advanced ESL students. Please please please could you increase this!!

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    Please increase the limit of characters in questions.  It is currently very limiting to an otherwise fantastic platform!

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    I have the same request... Increase the limit of 120 characters please to 500? We can not use Kahoot when we are so limited.

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    I agree the characters need to be increased a lot.   I tested a number of my questions and answers for Real Estate in a Word document to count the words and characters (including spaces).  A number of my questions were less than 120 Characters and still did not work in the Kahoot template.   I can not shorten the questions or the answers. Any suggestions?

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    No significant higher order thinking questions can be answered with such a low character limit.

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    yes!  all of the above, please!

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    We absolutely need more characters. I am now using other programs to achieve the same thing. Or AT LEAST if someone "pays" then they should receive more flexibility.

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    Please increase the character limit.

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    Yes, it needs to be a lot more.

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    It's disappointing that so many people (myself included) are requesting an increased character limit and Kahoot! thinks it's fantastic that they have 120 whole characters. This isn't 2008 Twitter. I would think that you would want to improve the experience for your paid subscribers (and keep them from going to other platforms that don't have these highly-restrictive limits).

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