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    Hi all!

    Great news: You can now show all content on player devices during live games!

    Learn more about this new game option here.

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    I completely agree with this notion. This feature would make it easier + provide a better experience for the learner. 

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    We would like to play some whole school Kahoot games and getting the entire school into one classroom to look at one projector has multiple problems (as you can probably imagine).  So having a feature where players see the questions and answers would allow classes to compete with each other, allow students homebound to still take part, allow students who have vision issues to have a better chance at playing.  


    Please consider adding a toggle button that lets the owner of the game decide if they want the questions and answers to show up on player devices or not.

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    Completely agree! 

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    Totally agree, kids sitting far away can't read the screen. 

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    Seriously, this is absurd!!

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    I have students with special needs and they refuse to play because there are no answers on the screens. Fix this please

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    I teach students with special needs and they need the answers on their screens without looking back and forth to the main screen for the answers on the colors they wish to choose. Thank you in advance for taking this in consideration 

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    I think this is very useful. With the coronavirus breakout we are conducting online teaching. Even with video teaching/meeting tools, the showing and sharing of questions and answers are not a smooth experience for students. The showing of questions/answer on students screen does not have be a default for the normal engagement experience but for other special needs, may be enabled on demand.

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    Yes! We are conducting online courses due to coronavirus outbreaks as well. My students physically cannot view the questions and answers on the screen. While I could share the link and have them play individually, that kind of defeats the purpose. They love the competition! Also, it allows for me to track which of my students are logged on and playing during our scheduled online class time. 

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    The tool must allow for Q's to be visible on individuals device. Otherwise this is a failure!

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    Super inconvenient for questions and choices to not be visible on students devices. I was looking forward to utilizing Kahoot in light of the coronvirus outbreak. Many students, teachers, and businesses want this feature but you haven’t delivered.

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    I was hoping to use Kahoot during my remote teaching, but the question screen was lagging when I was sharing my screen via video chat. It would have been a successful tool if the students could see the questions on their own screens.

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    Currently, students are now having to do school online because of the worldwide crisis. I found that when playing kahoot, although I am sharing my screen with the students, they don't all know how to split screen or even some devices do not have that feature. They are unable to see the questions and answers. In this situation, teachers should have the option of allowing questions and answer to be shown on their devices.

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    I totally agree I have set this up to allow people to get remote access to the questions but they can't see the question or the choice of answers. Given the current global crisis and so many people working and studying from home please please fix this as soon as possible. I have read your reasoning for not wanting to let students have access to the questions on their screens but it makes no sense. Whilst Kahoot is great as a learning resource in most aspects this issue in terms of remotely accessing it creates such limitations for its use.

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    This would be an extremely easy fix for kahoot! Please set it up so that the children can see the questions from home! :( I would be willing to pay - my class love this game!


    We have considered recording audio so they listen and answer but again it's a tricky task to set it all up as a nine year old!

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    In Denmark all students are sent home and all schools are closed. We, the teachers, are doing homeschool with our students, and using Kahoot would be very helpful. But right now Kahoot is useless, because the students can not see the questions. Please fix this in this very special situation we all facing with the difficulties of homeschooling. Best regards from Denmark.

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    I signed up for a year believing, because of the graphics showing phones with picture and question, that this was an option.  I feel cheated that this function doe snot exist.  Make it so, if not then I think Kahoot owes me a refund.


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    With schools shutting down because of Covid 19, we need the students to be able to read the questions so that we can have all the students at home playing the same game at the same time. Please fix this ASAP as I have games/quizes ready for my students to play.

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    Please provide the questions and answers to be shown on devices other than one shared screen! I was excited to use Kahoot due to the current circumstances and unfortunately won't be possible since you guys believe it is not necessary.

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    Without this feature Kahoot is useless as a remote teaching tool. With almost all teachers being forced to teach from home right now, Kahoot just went from being one of the best online teaching tools around to completely irrelevant. What a shame.

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    I am quite surprised and very disappointed to realize that Kahoot does not have the feature of players seeing the questions and answers.  It defeats the purpose!  I shouldn't have assumed, but not having this feature renders it impossible to play (as using split screen, etc., does not work well enough to make it feasible.)  I wish I would have realized.  I have spent a great deal of time developing a game that I can now not use unless I simply assign it individually.  The idea was to bring people together for a sense of community (and a bit of competitive fun.)  I am truly bummed out!


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    Totally agree. Without showing the questions this app is completely useless.

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    This. Glad we didn't pay for it before making and trying a quiz. We're using video conferencing to run remote Scout meetings. Lag in main screen and difficulty some participants have viewing two apps or switching between apps means this feature is a must have before it's practical. Would be good to have the option to record a voice asking the question too - accessibility would increase a lot.

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    I was excited about remote teaching with Kahoot.  Can't.  My students don't have the luxury of a laptop/desktop and a phone.

    Their families can't afford it.

    Why on Earth isn't this set up so the students can see the questions on their screen?

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    I agree with all above comments.

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    If you create a challenge the questions and answers will show on the individual screens. 


    The only differance is that you dont get the same "live" experience, as people can join at different times and do the quiz at their own pace (you can still have question timer). People can also join later if they are not able to attend the "live" event. 


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    The "Live" part of Kahoot is what makes it fun, I appreciate the challenge option, which is a good step in the right direction, but regardless of Covid19 Stay-At-Home/Isolation,  this needs to be a key piece of functionality that the game should be built with. Having a Zoom/Gotomeeting/Webex and a Kahoot isn't even a band-aid option, its not viable.  First of all its hard enough getting people on one device platform.  Second, going from one screen to another is tough.   The first time I played a kahoot I thought something was wrong because I had to keep looking back and forth between the screen on the wall and the mobile device.  

    I would love it if someone from Kahoot corp could really comment and tell us if this is on the upcoming road map or if its something not even being considered or worked on so we could find an alternative solution.  I think Kahoot has some amazing things, having live/real time questions/answers on the mobile device is a vital ingredient Kahoot is missing in my opinion.

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