Adding images after the question has been answered in quiz mode




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    Hi all!

    We're excited to introduce to everyone our new creator today, with the ability to add different question types in the same kahoot!! We currently have Quiz questions, True or False, Slides, and Polls.

    We intend to add Jumble in the future. For now, Jumble is still a separate kahoot you can create.

    Learn about slides in this YouTube video, or polls in this YouTube video.

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    I agree with this 100%!

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    This is definitely a great suggestion for a feature. Maybe other forms of media could be used as an explanation, i.e. text or video.

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    I absolutely agree.  I took the time to add pictures to the questions that would enhance the game.  However, they give away the answer, so I had to delete them all.  I wish you could have them only show with the answer.

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    Please add this functionality. Once people have guessed, I would love the ability to tell them more about why the correct answer is actually correct.

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    AGREED!!!!  I have started inserting images that are a "hint."  However unless I am delivering the Kahoot LIVE, the students are not left with a good explanation of all of the answers and why they are correct or incorrect.

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    Me too! I want my image to be seen AFTER people have made their choices in order to only show them an image of the correct answer. Help!


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    If not an image, then text about why an answer is correct or just more information on the topic.

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