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    Hi all!

    We're excited to introduce to everyone our new creator today, with character limits now 120 for questions and 75 for answers!!

    Learn about it in this help article or this youtube video.

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    I am agree! It would be much better to have more space for Q & A.

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    Allowing more characters for questions and answers would be great.  I often run into the same issue as mentioned in the other comments.  Kahoot is used by so many people, and has great features, but it's frustrating to have to limit the amount of characters.  Thanks Kahoot.  I am a big fan of yours. 

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    I teach higher level anatomy/physiology and biology classes and run into the same problem. I appreciate that Kahoot is trying to get us to be succinct, but sometimes when you're using a term like pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium, the character count really hurts. I have resisted upgrading to Pro b/c I feel like I'm not using Kahoot enough to justify the expense, in large part because I just can't turn most of my content into a question in the short space, nor can I provide answer choices with enough detail to distinguish from one another.

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    Please! Increase the character limits!!!!

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    I agree!  Need for space for the questions and answers. It's frustrating that it takes more time to shorten the questions. 

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    If the character limit is not letting you type in longer questions and answers, a workaround is to use an image with the questions and answers in it. This doesn't, however, work in questions that already have an image. Maybe the Kahoot team could make the font size of the answers smaller as more characters are added to the answer option. That way the text would always fit.

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    I agree! It is not fun if you have to shorten everything down all the time!

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    Agreed. More space and larger font. The font is too small when projected to a large group.

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    I just had to cancel a kahoot activity because for what I teach, I need to write longer questions.

    I had to really take more than half the question off for it to fit the size but obviously-- I could not ask the question and had to drop the queez

    it seems that Kahoot is ignoring this thread through. They have no support team and they prob have no one to check the discussion boards- or once in a long time. what a shame! 

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    I am very disappointed in the very restrictive amount of characters. Now I don't know if I can use this platform or not. :(

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    Even 120 isn't long enough. At least 200 should be the new limit.

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