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    Hi all!

    Happy to announce that our reports page has had a major update. You can do a lot more things than you could before from that page. As part of this update, there's a new web report available with a slew of new options. In the Summary section of an active challenge, you can now change the deadline. As long as you update the deadline before it expires, you can continue to extend it indefinitely.

    Happy Kahoot!'ing!

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    This is exactly what I was coming on here to suggest! I use Schoology and my folders close after so much time anyway, so if the challenge links didn't close, I could use a copy of the same Schoology folders each year without creating new challenges. Also, like Loreen said, the students could practice whenever they wanted (which they can do now, but they don't get a score.)

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    I totally agree with llcandover and Lani1961

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    I also agree. I wanted to "extend" my challenge date, but couldn't figure out how to do it. Now I understand that it might not be possible.


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    It would be very helpful to extend the deadline of a challenge


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    Yes, please!  I plan my online classes far in advance and make assignments available for the whole semester -- having four+ months or an 'unending' challenge would be SO helpful.

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    This would be a great option!

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    I still would love a challenge with no end date, or that refreshes every so often (really great if we could chose the refresh rate). I put the Kahoot Challenge links in my Schoology classes, and it would be great to be able to re-use the classes without having to go in and change out all the challenge links every lesson.

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