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    Hi all!

    Happy to announce that our reports page has had a major update. You can do a lot more things than you could before from that page. As part of this update, there's a new web report available with a slew of new options. In the Summary section of an active challenge, you can now change the deadline.

    Happy Kahoot!'ing!

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    I The ability to change challenge deadlines would be helpful.


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    Changing the deadline of a challenge that has started would be extremely useful, and being able to put a longer deadline (select a date within a year for example), so students can replay a challenge as many times as possible and try to beat their PB.


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    I need to change the dead line of a Challenge that has been started : why can't I do it ? 


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    I teach online and want to plan challenges more than a month in advance; please either remove the challenge date feature or widden the dates (and allow for editing).

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    Is anyone from Kahoot! going to answer how we change "challenge" deadlines?

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    During this season of e-learning due to the closing of most public schools it would really help to have Challenges last longer than 2 days since most students are learning to adjust to this new "normal" and providing them extended time to review content is simply a best practice.

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    yes, I agree.  I need to be able to adjust deadlines for Kahoot Challenges.

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    I am trying to edit the end time/deadline on a challenge in session.  Please advise how to do this.


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    Please let us know how to edit the deadline for a challenge.

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    Please increase the span of time available for challenges!  I plan out a semester-length class in advance ... I need to 'assign' challenges that won't be due for four months away.  Please???  My students love the challenges but I need to be able to post all of my assignment instructions far in advance!

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    They have added a new feature to extend Challenge Deadlines.  Click on Challenge. On Left Side - click on View Challenge Info.  A screen will pop up and on the right side there is a button to change challenge deadline.

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    hi guys, since the Covid-19 going on you can get premium for free for 115 days and that is  were i found how to change the deadline go on your kahoots click on your quiz scroll down and click challenge info then on the right it should say END or CHANGE DEADLINE or PLAY IT YOUR SELF so you want to click change deadline and it should come up with time and date that were you can save it then on the top it should tell you your CHANGED time refresh if doesn't . REMEMBER: get the free trial of premium today for 115 days if you thing you are been payed go to billing it WILL say 180 pounds BUT don't worry that is  telling you how much if you payed after the trial and plus they don't have you credit details so your fine . so to end it you MUST have the free or payed premium to get the challenge extend.

    This defiantly should help 

    From oly  (: (; 

    try my dog quiz sorry no effects i made this after i new about the free 115 days trial good if you like dogs


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    This is awesome. What we REALLY need is the ability to extend the deadline for a much longer period of time. Many of my students come and go in and out of subject year round so would love to be able to extend deadline to be 12 month or even longer. PLEASE!!! 30 days isnt really workable for us. thank you!!

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