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    Hi all!

    Happy to announce that our reports page has had a major update. You can do a lot more things than you could before from that page. As part of this update, there's a new web report available with a slew of new options. In the Summary section of an active challenge, you can now change the deadline.

    Happy Kahoot!'ing!

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    Definitely ridiculous not to have this feature. 

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    It should be possible to change the deadline of a challenge.

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    Add this feature!


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    I totally agree.  I find with distance learning, lots of my kiddos are doing work on the weekends too.  I would like to extend my challenge to give them the entire weekend.  But I can't. 

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    I really need to change the deadline also. I have changed my lesson plan & want to to extend the time for them to study before the test.

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    I would like to be able to change the deadline on a Challenge.  Please advise as to how to do this. Thank you

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    Please add a feature to edit the deadline of a challenge after it has begun. This is important for teachers to get the most information on student performance and provide specific feedback. During this time of remote learning especially, more functionality is critical.

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    I agree...needing to change the deadline date! Lesson plans and student learning fluctuates despite the best made plans. Hopeful this feature will be added soon.

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    Since this was a request made a month ago and requested multiple more times, including myself now, why hasn't this been addressed????  At least let us know that you're working on it, please!

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    I also agree with the comments above. Our classes are so fluid now, and changes are happening by the hour. This would be a tremendous asset to the usability of your product.

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    hi guys, since the Covid-19 going on you can get premium for free for 115 days and that is  were i found how to change the deadline go on your kahoots click on your quiz scroll down and click challenge info then on the right it should say END or CHANGE DEADLINE or PLAY IT YOUR SELF so you want to click change deadline and it should come up with time and date that were you can save it then on the top it should tell you your CHANGED time refresh if doesn't . REMEMBER: get the free trial of premium today for 115 days if you thing you are been payed go to billing it WILL say 180 pounds BUT don't worry that is  telling you how much if you payed after the trial and plus they don't have you credit details so your fine . so to end it you MUST have the free or payed premium to get the challenge extend.

    This defiantly should help 

    From oly  (: (; 

    try my dog quiz sorry no effects i made this after i new about the free 115 days trial good if you like dogs


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